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Jun 2, 2008 06:26 PM

Uncomplicated Apple Pie

I'm looking for a good recipe for a really simple Apple Pie. I dont want lots of kneading, difficult pastry, blind baking etc. I want a recipe with the type of dough you can just patch together with your fingers if it breaks! Something that wont go too soggy if made in advance. Any ideas?!

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  1. I make a very simple apple crumble or cobbler (not sure of the correct term).

    I take sliced apples. And place them in the microwae with a few tablespoons of apple juice, sprinkle of sugar, and some cornstarch (or flour). Then I microwave them - usually takes me about 10 min - until they are cooked but still firm.
    Then I pop them in a pie dish, and crumble my favorite recipe for oatmeal cookies over the top.
    Bake in the oven for 15 min or so (depending on your recipe for oatmeal cookies) and tada!

    1. See Bittman's recipe in "How to Cook Almost Everything"'s excellent.

      1. There's another word for uncomplicated pie -- tart. Jacques Pepin does a simple one I've used all the time.

        In a pinch I've used premade crusts.

        1. I saw your title and immediately thought "is there any other kind?" The truth is, pastry isn't difficult once you know how to do it (and crikey, there's no kneading involved!). But there are decent store-bought crusts out there to make things extra simple. And I've never blind-baked an apple pie crust.

          Mellicita's crumble/cobbler recipe is a great idea, too. Cobbler is even simpler than pie and arguably tastier. I prepare the apples just like I do with apple pie (just mix them with sugar and cinnamon, maybe a little cornstarch), put on the crumble and bake for 45 minutes or so.

          The tart idea is also nice, but I always find it a bit fussy to make it look nice.

          1. Here's my thread on the subject. I think it is very very simple. I gave a ton of directions to help the novice cook. Enjoy the slideshow!