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Jun 2, 2008 06:18 PM

Something in Seattle

I need some good restaurants in seattle near or within a 10 mile radius of the moore theater and that won't be hard to get a reservation or sit in on a saturday. I am attending the anthony bourdain thing and am looking for something non tom douglasy

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  1. Anthony Bourdain would approve of "Made-In-Kitchen" in the International District. Order the Saigon Meatball tresures and Crispy Imperial Rolls as appetizers. The grilled lemon grass pork chops and the catfish hotpot are excellent main courses. Their Phad Thai is not for the faint of heart even at 1-star. Wonderful Chowhound destination.

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      Sit at the bar at Brasa, great bar menu and walking distance to The Moore. We may head there before Bourdain. Looking forward to seeing him.

    2. Dunno what you mean by 'non tom douglasy' exactly, but basically all of Seattle is within 10 miles of the Moore. Check out Green Leaf in the ID, Dinette in Capitol Hill, or Elysian Fields in Sodo. I don't know about the first, but reservations shouldn't be hard at the second, and aren't needed at the third.

      1. How many people will be dining? If you're alone you could sit at the bar at How To Cook a Wolf.

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          1. Try, Umi Saki House, Boat Street Cafe, Black Bottle or Union. All great however the Saturday night thing might be difficult.

            Good luck and good eating.