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Jun 2, 2008 06:01 PM

Finally Tasted Absinthe - Yuck

About 7 bucks at Bevmo: “Absente, Absinthe Refined’, 110 proof, 100 ml (but I found it at the checkout stand, so do not know if it is a regular stock item). It has a strong herbal component (reminds me of Ricola cough drops), and overpowering licorice taste (I hate licorice). It has only just become legal to import it into the US, and I was really curious so I tried it. Ewww… I guess it would be valuable in mixed drinks (but I am not a big fan of sweet mixed drinks), or for medicinal uses.

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  1. Some versions of Absente aren't considered real absinthe, but pastis (essentially absinthe substitute). The "fake" stuff is made with Southern wormwood instead of the grande wormwood that aficionados consider a hallmark of real absinthe. But regardless, if you hate the taste of anise / licorice, there's not an absinthe or pastis product out there that you're going to like.

    1. sounds like you drank it straight up. You are supposed to mix it with cold water and melt a suger cube in it...

      1. Jerry,

        Here is a good video on how to prepare an Absinthe Drip, which is what ac106 has suggested below. The added sugar and dilution mellow the flavors and may make it more enjoyable for you.

        However, I'll second what MC Slim JB had to say. If you're not a licorice fan then you'll likely not be an absinthe fan.

        1. What AC says is correct. The prpoer way to drink absinthe is to put a healthy jigger or so into a glass, then pour about 3-4 oz cold water into it slowly over a sugar cube that is suspended over the glass on an absinthe spoon( a pierced flat long-bowled "spoon") that is set across the rim of the glass with the sugar cube set on it. The watere will turn the absinthe cloudy. This is the usual way(minus the sugar) that all Europeans, especially the French, will drink any pastis-type drink. It really requires that you like licorice flavor, or you'll not like Pastis or Absinthe. Absente is not really absinthe, but is not a bad substitute. You can go online and find a number of prodicers/negociants who will ship real absinthe to the US these days. many of these products are made with the same recipes and even in the same stills as they were back in the 19th century, and are quite excellent.

          1. after all the years of smuggling absinth in to build a collection now you can just order it


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              Well, all good things must come to and end . . .