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Jun 2, 2008 05:59 PM

Jin for Dim Sum - NEVER AGAIN!

My parents came to visit so I decided to take them out for dim sum. Fyi, we are Chinese.
We went Memorial Day and it was completely insane. I heard 1.99 all items including items in cart and you can go up and get noodles, s&p shrimp, calamari, congee, and sushi.

Well, price raised to 2.95 per dish and they were very understaffed. I have never seen so much chaos in my life. The carts came out one every 10 min and there was only 1 or 2 carts around the restaurant. We came at noon so peak time. I think everyone was getting upset so people started waiting outside the kitchen waiting for the carts. When the carts came out, it was a mad dash to get the items and everything was gone within 5 min.

At the noodle, seafood, taro cake line, the 2 ladies working the grill were making items to order and each order took like 5-10 min, so there was a line 30 people deep and it didn't move at all. After 2 hours and maybe 10 dishes for 7 people, we gave up and walked out. Quite sad and so disappointing. I can't believe people didn't riot. There were so many people that were pissed off waiting in line. I want to like this place but can't. I can't see them lasting long if they keep this up.

Time for the next crazy owner to take over.

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  1. I went to their hot pot and sushi buffet ($24)and the place was packed with 300+ people but the atmosphere was relaxed and the food was exceptional. It was such an excellent value I'll probably never go to another shabu again.

    I know the atmosphere sucks but how was the dim sum? Similar to Chow Chow City and China Pearl? Did they charge you for hot tea?

    1. thanks for the heads up. We usually go for dim sum in the middle of the week (husband works nearby). In the middle of the week its just a bunch of cantonese speaking old folks and their grandkids. Last time we went (a month ago?) they let us order of the dim sum menu and they had carts. It was pretty laid back. Our daughter was just excited to see other Chinese kids that speak Cantonese. On the weekends we usually go to China pearl in Woburn.