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Jun 2, 2008 05:52 PM

Pork BBQed Rib Favorites.

I want to have some friends over for ribs sometime soon, and I'm trying to find a great recipe for ribs (rub and mop). I'm leaning towards the Brown Sugar and Burbon Ribs from Bon Appetit (

But I was also wondering which were favorites amongst the Chow hounds.

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  1. Those look great.

    Are you using gas or charcoal. You can do indirect grilling and add some wood chunks. Especially if you're using coals.

    I have a BBQ rub that I got by subbing out a few ingredients from someone else's rub. I would go ahead and try this (In lieu of something better) and if you don't LOVE the rub, try changing some of the ingredients until you find something you like better.


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        Get some wood chips, soak them and smoke the ribs indirectly. The internet is chock full of ways to do the ribs like this.


    1. The Mark Bittman rib rub on his "Great Chefs" episode with Chris Schlesinger is a terrific rub.