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Blue Ginger Lounge

I am heading to the new lounge at Blue Ginger on Thursday night and was wondering if anyone has been there yet, what you thought about it and if you have any suggestions on what to eat.
The website does not have the lounge menu but I heard that it is different then the restaurant.

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  1. I don't think you can go wrong with anything at Blue Ginger. Enjoy!

    1. How was it? Hoping to go there soon and wondering if it worth trying.

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            From the press release announcing the lounge: "The lounge menu will feature Ming's Bings, Chef Tsai's take on the classic Asian street food xian bing, a hockey puck-shaped potsticker traditionally filled with gingered pork."

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              I've become addicted to the bings...they're the Asian equivalent to sliders... the pork, and the duck are the best...Wise to get a double order as they go down VERY easily

        1. My lovely DC and I had dinner at BG a couple of weeks ago after the new lounge had opened. Our meals were fine (I had the pork osso buco) but we felt like we got kicked in the head when the check came.

          Chalked it up to "decent food in the 'burbs costs too much".

          New lounge is nice. They also added three private dining rooms. All three were occupied the night we were there, two with glowing blue PowerPoint presentations being projected.

          Looks like Ming's got himself a nice little business, good for him. For better value I'd head toward the hub.

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            fJust to note, the pork osso buco is actually on the dinning room menu not the lounge menu, hence the dinning room price.

          2. I ended up eating in the dining room after looking at the lounge menu and not finding anything that caught my interest.
            My dining companion and I started with the panko shrimp which had these panko crusted celery sticks with a buffalo sauce and it was amazing. We also had the tuna poke app which was just as good.
            For dinner I ate the Moms 3 Vinegar shrimp which was not as good as I have had in the past. Not sure if it was just my mood but I remember loving it and that night it was just okay.
            My dc had the poussin which she loves and she ate every last bite. I actually gave her my leftovers to take home. I had a couple glasses of wine and she drank a couple mai tais which were very tasty.
            We walked in about 8:30 this past Thursday and there was one table open in the lounge which we decided not to take and they were able to seat us right away in the dining room.
            The bill totaled 150 not including tip which was high but expected and it was almost worth it. The service was great and we had a great time and if they add some more interesting things to the lounge menu then I would consider eating in there.

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              The lounge menu is a work in progress. I can see how it may not have piqued your interest as many of the items were simply items out of a fryer. Efforts are being made to "up the menu". There is a fresh salmon carpaccio and a grilled shrimp "parfait" that have recently been added.

            2. I just went back for a second visit after a ten year hiatus. It was amazing! We live right down the street and never even knew about the bar. We were thrilled to find that bg had expanded into the department store next door and thrilled with the menu and drinks in the lounge. The menu inlcudes the bing appetizers, light and medium filling entrees. The food was fabulous,-- you have to get the butterfish!, the drinks were terrific (a whiskey sour with real fruit juice and a neat single malt for my guy) and the food portions were just right for us. Had we been seated in the diningroom, the entire bill would have been $50 more for extra food which we couldn't have eaten. We were thrilled with the new lounge and look forward to another meal there soon.

              1. any way of getting to the restaurant from Brigham's hospital without a car? i'm working in town for a few weeks and would like to pay a visit to blue ginger

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                  Yes, but no.

                  For the yes part, take the Green Line inbound to Copley Square and walk to the Back Bay station. From there you would take the commuter train to Wellesley Square and walk the short blocks to Blue Ginger. However, the inbound trains are few and far between after dinner, and this will all take you a very long time.

                  Have you considered joining zip car? And, many of the Brigham doctors live in Wellesley. Maybe one would give you a ride out in the evening, and you could take a cab back to Riverside for a green line trip back intown?

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                    AS sugggested, take the commuter train and on the way back a cab to the T- but the T station at Woodland is closer than Riverside.

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                      True enough, but it is rather deserted at that hour, and there have been issues. For a few more bucks, you are at a manned station with lots of lights and other people.

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                        Thanks for everyone's advice.

                        i think it's cheapest and safest to rent a car.... hotwire.com had a weekend special for $12 per day, quite a good deal really.

                        Any suggestions for culinary day trips out of boston while i have the car?