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Besides Artisanal, what do you think are the best restaurants to imbibe in cheese? Some good wine doesn't hurt either....

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  1. it's more a wine bar than a restaurant, but casellula has an excellent, diverse selection of cheeses and some good wines to match.

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      2d Casellula

    2. Otto, Picholine


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        I agree with these 2 as well, Picholine being the obvious choice if you like Artisanal.

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          and i agree with otto. all of mario batali restaurants have great cheeses, actually, and nice wines by the glass.

          and i have two more to add: blue ribbon bakery & blue ribbon brasserie have good cheese options. i don't remember the wines being particularly standout, but i haven't been in a while.

        2. gramercy tavern

          1. i should be posting this in outer boroughs, but jake walk in carroll gardens has a great, great selection of cheeses. it's more of a wine bar but they have some food options on the menu.

            1. Chanterelle has a nice cheese selection and Boqueria is a great option for Spanish cheeses.