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Jun 2, 2008 04:22 PM

Solo Dining in Little Rock?

I'm in Little Rock till Thursday of this week from NYC and need some recs for dinner. I'm all by my lonesome, so I prefer places that have a bar that offer the full menu. Just not the biggest fan of table for 1. I'm staying in West Little Rock, but do not mind driving a bit for good food. Price is not really an issue, the only thing i care about is finding good food. I've heard good things about Ferneau, but i'm not sure if there is a casual bar there to eat at. I'm also a huge BBQ fan and have heard i should try either Sims or Whole Hog Cafe, how do people down here feel about it?

Well tonight i'm just going to Julie's near the hotel unless i hear something better soon, I fear it may be like a Bennigans from some reviews i've read, but I guess i'll see.

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  1. I grew up in Central Arkansas, so I know Little Rock quite well. You definitely need to check out a few of these places while you're in town, if you get a chance: The Purple Cow (11602 Chenal Pkwy, Little Rock - (501) 224-4433). It's not fancy, but it's one of my absolute favorite places. It's a casual diner with a bar as well as a full restaurant. Order the purple cow milkshake. It's to die for and will make you feel like a kid again. :) Also, if you like Mexican, check out Juanita's (1300 S. Main - (501) 372-1228). You say you like BBQ - check out Corky's (12005 Westhaven Drive - (501) 954-7427). I hope this helps! Enjoy your self, and if you get a chance during the day, go to the River Market in downtown Little Rock. It's a fun foodie place, too.

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      Thanks for the recs, The Purple Cow sounds great and I'll be sure to stop by.

      I actually moved my hotel to the Marriott downtown in the River Market area after i drove by it today. I loved all of the small restaurants on the street and thought it would be perfect for some experimenting. Had i stayed out in West Little Rock, it could have been P.F. Changs for dinner tonight.

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        Great! I hope it works out for you! Near the River Market district, there's a place called Iriana's Pizza. It's a smaller space, but it has the most delicious pizza. (103 W Markham St. - (501) 374-3656). Enjoy!

    2. We really enjoyed the Dizzy Gypsy Bistro. The prices were moderate particularly for lunch. We also sat out on the Veranda which was pleasant. Despite a few of the waitstaff being a little rough around the edges, the food more than makes up for any gaps. However, this is not a place to go if you are on a diet.

      We ate there twice while in town, the second time expanding our party of three to eight. Both times we began the meal with the le petite roche cheese dip. It has just the right amount of heat for a con queso dip and was a favorite. The potato rosemary bread had a good flavor, but was very dry.

      Salads came with dressings made from scratch. The black truffle was outstanding and even the blue cheese dip came with both wet and dry which was a nice touch.

      One of our party had the fettuccine alfredo which although standard fare has a very creamy sauce that wasn't heavy despite that.

      Other standouts were the quiches, Mary Ann's Dream Forever Young salad and the veggie cream cheese sandwich, The egg salad sandwich was terrific.

      The wine list although small had some pleasant selections and the desserts were wonderful.

      The one warning is that the portions are generous and most of us ordered half orders where available.