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Jun 2, 2008 04:00 PM

Seven Days In Yaletown

We have never been to Vancouver before, and it looks a little
pricey for all things, (although we just returned from Hawaii and eggs were $3 a doz(US)
anyway we need [places for lunch and dinner and will also want to see the city. Like we go Arlington, va for Vietnamese. Scandalized for Korean, Adams Morgan for anything and to get smashed. The "New "U" street for Ethiopian. you get my drift. We eat anything good and inexpensive that we haven't found around the world. I think $100 a couple for dinner is our limit.
So a few moderately priced lunches and a few moderately priced dinners and a taste of the cities "air"
And maybe some great bars with free food or reduced happy hours

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  1. Yaletown has a number of fine restaurants: Cioppino's, Blue Water are my two favorites there. Yaletown has some good bars - you'll see what I mean when you get here. Gastown (an inexpensive cab ride or a brisk walk away) has some very good bars too. Happy Hours (ie cheaper drinks) are technically not legal here, but you do get early-bird specials on food.

    The Vancouver is good for sushi, other Japanese (do a search for "izakaya" on this board), regional Chinese (though the best stuff is in the suburb of Richmond). The restaurant scene here is actually relatively inexpensive comparatively speaking (eg compared to NYC, LA, SF, DC, Chi, etc.).