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Jun 2, 2008 03:55 PM

SEA brunch

I'm looking for a good brunch spot that takes reservations for large groups (8 people). Anywhere in the city of Seattle or Bellevue/Kirkland area would be fine. Traditional breakfast food with a menu rather than a buffet preferred.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Boat St. or Veil. I have not had brunch at either, but love both for dinner, and heard good things about brunch. Veil has a large table that would be great for a group.

    1. i second boat street. perhaps monsoon? they have an awesome brunch with french staples and dimsum options! cafe campagne or le pichet, although i don't know about 8 people at pichet. four seasons for super traditional. senor moose if you want to try a funky little place with mexican breakfast. kingfish for soulfood brunch.
      i have heard bad things about veil's brunch. super tiny portions with extravagantly high prices. uncomfortable atmosphere.

      1. I would warn against Boat St. for brunch. With reservations it might be more acceptable but I went in January and was forced to wait outside for 20+ minutes (they said the wait would be 10) because there is no reception area inside. Once seated, the service continued to be abysmal. The food was OK, but overpriced and didn't make up for the wait/service issues. I just had the most delightful brunch at Tilth this weekend though. The space is small, but I think they could accomodate 8, and I know they take reservations for brunch. The menu isn't huge, but has fun takes on classic dishes. More reasonably priced than Boat St (you actually get sides with your entree for the same price) with better food and service, what's not to like?

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          'what's not to like is': IMO, Tilth could be too cramped/noisy for a party of 8 for brunch especially at a time when it's likely that families w. kids would be dining there.

        2. Veil. The brunch is what I would call an 'elegant and refined' traditional breakfast ..a lovely dining room, quiet & comfortable, interesting brunch cocktails....and they can accomodate 8 people.

          1. Maybe the new Portage Bay cafe over in South Lake Union? It's a pretty spacious place.