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Jun 2, 2008 03:54 PM

Non touristy Italian restaurant in Baltimore?

I am having friends visit from NYC with kids. Can anyone recommend a non touristy Italian restaurant in the Baltimore area? They will be around the Inner Harbor, but don't mind driving around for some good (not too expensive) food!

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    1. I suggest Amicci's in Little Italy. They are not expensive and also have a children's menu.

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          Second Amicci's. This is our go-to place whenever we make it to Baltimore from DC. We always go here for dinner and then to Vaccarro's for some cannollis and coffee drinks.

        2. Sotto Sopra on N.Charles.
          The best in town but a little pricey and definitely not your run of the mill Little Italy red sauce type of place.

          1. Sotto Sopra, a little pricey, on N. Charles.
            Best in town but definitely not one of your typical Little Italy red sauce palaces.
            If that's what you want...keep looking.

            1. Sotto Sopra is great, but not for a group which includes kids. It would be expensive and not necessarily the type of Italian cuisine that kids would particularly enjoy. I am putting on my thinking cap to make a suggestion. Presently, all I can think of is Sabatino's in Little Italy. But, I believe that after some consideration I'll be able to make a better recommendation. FoiGras