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Jun 2, 2008 03:46 PM

Meat and potatoes

Planning an outing for six others who are basic meat and potatoes kind of eaters. No ethnic. Craft, Cut, BLT, The Palm, Mastro's and the others are a few price points above their wallets. What about Taylor's? Any other suggestions. Would prefer to stay west, if possible.

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  1. The Galley, on Main st. in Santa Monica. Or Billingsley's, on Pico in WLA. Come for the no-frills grub, stay for the freakshow (not really; just another bygone era). Wash it all down with numerous cocktails...

    1. This previous thread, (link below) may be useful to you in your hunt.

      1. Northwoods just off the 5 and around the 91 (is that Cerritos?) would be a fine option. Lots of meat, lots of potatoes, with peanut shells on the floor to boot. It's not my cup of tea, but I'm not exactly the meat-and-potatoes guy you're catering to.

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          I Second the North Woods Inn either in Covina, Rosemead or La Mirada.

          Check out the menu for those large tender steaks and extra large and stuffed baked potatos, two salads and cheese toast

        2. What about Houston's or Bandera's?