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Jun 2, 2008 03:09 PM

How do you prepare haricots verts?

I just got a big ol' bag from Costco and would love some new recipes!

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  1. This isn't the lightest thing, but I've had them tempura fried at a restaurant, dipped in truffle mayo. Delicious.

    1. Boil them to soften a bit, then finish off the cooking by throwing in some skinned & chopped tomatoes.

      Or, boil them as normal. Fry some thinly sliced garlic and some slivered almonds. Add some soy sauce. Mix everything together.

      1. i saute them in a little olive oil, garlic, salt, and crushed red pepper until just tender but w/ a little bit of bite left in them...

        mom basically braises them in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, water and sliced beef until the beans soak up all the sauce and are super tender.

        1. Trim, blanch, shock in ice water, and serve cold, tossed in a vinaigrette. Serve with a seared ahi steak, boiled potatoes and vine-ripened tomatoes.

          1. Saute them in a smidge of bacon fat. Finish with chipotle Tabasco sauce. Top with a bit of crumbed bacon. Oh, my.

            I especially love them steamed in paper with a bit of salmon, a slice of lemon, and some truffle oil.