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How do you prepare haricots verts?

I just got a big ol' bag from Costco and would love some new recipes!

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  1. This isn't the lightest thing, but I've had them tempura fried at a restaurant, dipped in truffle mayo. Delicious.

    1. Boil them to soften a bit, then finish off the cooking by throwing in some skinned & chopped tomatoes.

      Or, boil them as normal. Fry some thinly sliced garlic and some slivered almonds. Add some soy sauce. Mix everything together.

      1. i saute them in a little olive oil, garlic, salt, and crushed red pepper until just tender but w/ a little bit of bite left in them...

        mom basically braises them in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, water and sliced beef until the beans soak up all the sauce and are super tender.

        1. Trim, blanch, shock in ice water, and serve cold, tossed in a vinaigrette. Serve with a seared ahi steak, boiled potatoes and vine-ripened tomatoes.

          1. Saute them in a smidge of bacon fat. Finish with chipotle Tabasco sauce. Top with a bit of crumbed bacon. Oh, my.

            I especially love them steamed in paper with a bit of salmon, a slice of lemon, and some truffle oil.

            1. Cook in boiling water just until tender, drain and drizzle with hazelnut oil and chopped toasted hazelnuts (or walnut oil and walnuts). Garnish with minced chives or parsley, or add in crumbled goat cheese, thinly sliced radishes or halved cherry tomatoes.

              1. Sometimes I sautee them with bacon and garlic. Usually I just steam them until tender/crisp and eat them with butter. :) I never bother trimming them, they're fine to me just as they are. :)

                1. I love this recipe for string beans with shallots. I have made it with asparagus too and it works really well.


                  1. I just bought the same bag from Costco (well, not the SAME bag, but you get the idea). I recommend my new go-to recipe from epicurious for green beans with lemon and pine nuts. So easy and delicious.


                    1. I love this recipe with glazed chestnuts, though it might be heavy for this time of year:


                      1. We had some planked tonight. I'd never have thought of this but my husband saw it on the Big Green Egg dvd that came with the new grill.

                        Blanched the beans and then put on the plank(we reused a hickory plank we'd done trout on a few nights ago). Also put some pecans on the plank. Let cook 12 minutes and then top with some blue cheese. Leave on grill just long enough for the cheese to start melting.

                        really good.

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                          wow that sounds delicious! and something i never would have thought of!

                        2. roasted with sea salt...yum

                          1. A little olive oil in the pan (maybe a tb), then toss them in, shake 'em about once or twice, and leave them until they start to burn (the hardest part for me! I'm a stirrer). When they start to shrivel and get a burn on them, toss with herbes de provence, garlic, sea salt, and pepper. They'll look hideous, but they taste delicious! You can add some goat cheese as well to make a fuller side dish or nice light vegetarian meal.

                            1. Lemon Pepper String Beans:

                              Boil them for just a few minutes, drain and put back in the pan. add a small amount of butter, some fresh squeezed lemon juice, a pinch of salt and as much fresh ground pepper as you can stand. I usually serve just like this, but you can add some sliced almonds or pine nuts if desired.

                              1. I'll give you a big vegetable secret - you cook haricots verts using recipes that require 'green beans.' I went over to the grocery store to check them out, and sure enough, green beans look just like fatter haricots verts!

                                I am doing some research next to figure out if there are any U.S. recipes involving 'pommes'.... hopefully there is something similar in the American arsenal of ingredients..

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                                  "green beans look just like fatter haricots verts"

                                  I think the French call them "haricot verts plus gros"

                                2. I like to stem and then blanch the entire batch at once, as soon as I get them home, shocking the beans in ice water. Then, I store the batch in plastic bags in the fridge. They're ready for salad nicoise, warming up for a side dish, or dropping into a soup. The color stays bright, and you don't have to worry about them going bad as quickly.

                                  My kids like to eat them cold, dipped in Dorothy Lynch salad dressing, as a snack.

                                  Oh ... and roasting is good too, with garlic, olive oil, s&p.