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Jun 2, 2008 02:54 PM


I need a really great place in Ashville NC. The fine dining Meetup in Greenville SC wants to make a July trip to the Asheville area. Hendersonville is fine also. Any help would be great. I think some of us will be spending the night up there so a nearby hotel recomendation would be great.

To see where we have eaten got meetup.com and type zip code 29601. Look for our group.

Thank you for your help.

JB Bannister

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  1. Gabrielle's is widely recognized as the best fine dining in town. It is in the Richmond Hill Inn, where you could also look at staying. It is close to downtwon and Biltmore Village, pretty central location. I have not been, so I can;t say for sure, but it gets good reviews.

    Here is the excerpt from the site: "
    Recipient of the prestigious AAA Four Diamond Award for the 16th consecutive year, this Asheville restaurant presents an extraordinary dining experience inside the historic Mansion. Savor our continental cuisine in one of three dining rooms. The Mansion's original parlor and dining room, with its rich cherry paneling and three-tiered chandelier, has the stately Victorian ambience of the 1890s. The glass-enclosed sunporch features leather wicker furniture, ceiling fans, and beautiful views. For larger events, guests may receive their meals in the mansion's ballroom and drawing rooms.

    Our Executive Chef uses only the finest worldly ingredients to create the sumptuous Tasting Menu. And the lighter ala carte' fare is not to be missed. Both menus have a spectacular wine pairing available."

    BTW, on the site it says they are having a wine dinner on July 9. That may be fun for your group.

    Next in line, I'd say, would be Fig in Biltmore Village. I have been there, and it's the best meal I've had in Asheville to date. Asheville is a pretty casual town, so there is not a lot of "fine dining"...although there are plenty of great restaurants!

    1. I would 2nd the recommendation for Gabrielle's and I have been there 2 or 3 times. I love their Chef's choice menu with wine pairings. As was pointed out, you could stay there.
      Also in that category would be Horizon's at Grove Park Inn .
      The Bistro on the Biltmore Estate isn't quite in the same class but the food is very good and you could stay at the Inn on the Estate.
      That's pretty much it for that calibre of restaurant...other very good options are: Fig in Biltmore Village, and then maybe Sugo downtown (sometimes inconsistent).

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        One of the best meals I have ever eaten from anywhere was at Gabrielle's. It really is the traditional "fine dining" experience. Give yourself a little time to wander around the inn if you don't stay there. Gardens are beautiful as is the house. Amazing food.

      2. Gabrielle's is good, but since it's changed hands it's gone downhill. I'd suggest Flight
        Wood Grill in Hendersonville. They turned an old bank into a beautiful, classy restaurant. Your group could meet in their private converted bank vault. Great food, great wine, very cool atmosphere. And, H'ville is such a quaint setting.


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          I had dinner at Flight last year and was very unimpressed. Usually I do my b-day meal at Gabrielle's but we didn't want to splurge that much. Flight has great decor but I found the food to be universally underseasoned and bland.

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            There's a relatively new chef at Flight who pretty much rocks, especially with his fish specials and off-the-wall soups. I think you'll find it far superior to the last time you went.

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              My wife and I had an after-Valentine's Day dinner at "Flight Wood Grill & Wine Bar" last week. I've previously considered "Flight" the special place to occasionally splurge It was expensive but worth the price.....until our last experience. We ate there on a Tuesday evening and, due to the economy, being off-season and mid-week, the place was virtually deserted. We opted for an early dinner and were the only diners in the restaurant when we first arrived. Things started off wonderfully. Prompt service and a beautifully-prepared Sea Scallops with a wilted spinach and Gorgonzola Sauce. Outstanding! After that things rapidly went downhill! We also ordered as a second appetizer of the Wood-grilled Caesar salad. We'd had this previously and it was wonderful. What we were served last night bore no resemblance to our previous Caesar salads. The Romaine lettuce was somewhat charred and the dressing was dreadful. My wife ate a portion of her share and I left most of mine untouched. When the Server cleared the salad no comment was made regarding the untouched portions. Either she didn't notice or didn't care.

              Our main course was Corvina (an unusual fish from Chile) for my wife. It was excellent. I chose the Shrimp & Grits. It proved to be a disaster. The sauteed shrimp were rubbery and devoid of any taste and the mushrooms, and scallions with garlic and bacon were nondescript but salty. I will say the grits were good. (Damning with faint praise?) I ended up leaving a good portion of my entree since it bordered on the inedible. Again the Server did not comment that most of my Entree was left on the plate. There was more tI could say, but I think you get the picture.

              It saddens we to have to report that we probably will not return to "Flight" in the future. I previously considered "Flight" one of the outstanding restaurants in the area. The day after our unfortunate experience I sent an email to the restaurant. Rob Keener, the Executive Chef, quickly responded with a simple "I'm sorry" and "You should have said something."

              In my email to the restaurant I stated that since this was supposed to me a romantic dinner, my complaining would have ruined the atmosphere. I had several other problems with that evening. But I don't want to extend my dialog unnecessarily. I would hope others will report their experiences at "Flight". Hopefully, they will have a beautiful dining experiences, they way we did previously. If many people say our evening just happened to be an "off-night" maybe we will try again in the future.

        2. I've never been to Gabrielle's, but the new S&W is another good choice. I tried it last weekend and was impressed. The interior is beautiful art deco. It is a traditional upscale steakhouse where you order your entree and sides are ala carte (family style.) It is downtown and the bar is upstairs with big windows which are great for people watching. But as far as hotels go, I am at a loss.

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            I'm not sure I'd give S&W a try just yet as they are so new. From another post here it sounds as though they are still working out some opening kinks.

          2. I would agree that Richmond Hill has slowly been going down hill over the last 6 to 8 months.
            They seemed to have lost most of their staff and just doesn't have the same feeling it had. The new Steak and Wine was really good the other night. I have been twice, the first time food was excellent but staff was weak. Second time both were up to par. Back to the best food in town, I would say we have several places that come to mind. Savoy,Fig, Vincenzo's, Market Place,Limones, Sugo's, Corner Kitchen and Tupelo Honey are always on my list.