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[DFW] Good Inexpensive Seafood

So, it seems like everytime I go out for seafood its one of two places, Rockfish (cheap, but a chain) and Truluck's (too expensive). Where should I be going? There are only two criteria here: 1) not a national chain, local is fine; 2) less expensive than Truluck's. Any suggestions?

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      Aw Shucks would be your first bet.

      I dig Fish City Grill, if for nothing more than the Oyster Nachos

    2. Fish City Grill (it's ok)

      Aw Shucks (I LOVE the atmosphere and the boiled shrimp)

      Daddy Jack's (It's on Lower Greenville. I haven't been in years, but if you're looking for something different, this could be the place)

      Ixtapa Bay (It's a Mexican seafood joint on Garland and Peavy or something like that. I haven't been in a while, but I remember the Seven Seas Seafood Soup being quite tasty)

      Dallas Fish Market (Downtown - might be as expensive as Trulucks)

        1. - Hook Line & Sinker at Lemmon & McKinney is super-cheap and good
          - i like the Daddy Jack's Wood Grill in Deep Ellum better than the one on Greenville
          - Sea Breeze up in Plano
          - Pappadeaux has good fish

          1. Some people swear by S&D Oyster Co. on Mckinney. Not fancy, but pretty good for fried shrimp, oysters, Red Snapper ect. New Orleans-esq.

            1. Top Cat on Lemmon east of Inwood is pretty good for fried catfish baskets with good fries and hush puppies, fried shrimp, and po'boys. I agree about Hook Line and Sinker, it's my default place for my seafood fix. I hear they have good burgers there too.

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                Any of these places not far from Plano?

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                  In Plano there is Seabreeze on Preston & Springcreek. There is also Fishmongers already mentioned. There is also Oceans on Spring Creek & Coit NE corner. There is also Big Easy New Orleans style owned by the same folks as Fishmongers in the same center.

              2. Try "Big Shucks" in Richardson (very close to Plano) on Coit/Beltline-great, fresh seafood-very reasonable prices. The Crab is wonderful-very fun oyster bar, family atmosphere :)

                1. There's Fishmongers in Plano. SW corner of Park and 75. It's decent enough. I go there for lunch at least once a week. Good mussels, thier Ponchatrain is good, I think they make one of the better etoufee around. I don't eat catfish, but a lot of my friends love thier fried catfish. Wonderful bread pudding. Good shrimp tortilla soup. Home-made salad dressings. It's not earth shattering, but it's decently priced and reliable.

                  they own Big Easy as well.

                  1. Sea Breeze is the best seafood on the cheap side up there in Plano. Must try the Lobster roll! It is the only place i've found here in the south that does it right. Absolutely mouth watering! The items look amazing as well but I can never venture away from the Lobster roll! They have a nice fish market as well which is in the restaurant.

                    1. Fish City Grill... few around town, but for Plano... theres 1 at Legacy Center and 1 at Frankford and the Tollway. Chalkboard fish menu is always good, but you can't beat the deal for crab legs, potatoes, corn and sausage. I think it's $20 for all of it and it's really good quality. For lunch..... they have the best fish tacos I've ever eaten.

                      Hope this helps.... look them up ...I think the one at Legacy Center goes by Half Shells or something, but it is the same exact place, menu, etc.

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                        oh, and if you like Cajun seafood.. Shuck and Jive at Rosmeade and Midway, just south of 190 is really good and they have a nice patio too.

                      2. It's nothing fancy, but I like Fish Bone Grill on NW Hwy at Abrams (Medallion Shopping Center). They've offer all the regular stuff but my favorite is their grilled grouper burger.Cheap beer, too.

                        1. I second Big Shucks on Coit/Beltline in Richardson...also if you're looking for crawfish or any kind of cajun preparation, Cajun Kitchen off Plano Road and Collins is very good, too.

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                            From the looks Richardson/Garland is your area. Do you happen to know hoe Cajun Hut in the Saigon Mall stacks up against Cajun Kitchen. Both in price and quality of food. Cajun Hut is in a food court so I know it won't win awards on ambiance.

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                              i haven't been to the Cajun Hut..and yeah this is my area (work in Richardson, live in Addison..) and we go somewhere different almost every day...lol. I'll have to try the Cajun Hut...I haven't been into the Saigon Mall yet...maybe I'll do that today. :)

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                                Cajun Hut's blue crabs are awesome with lots of eggs $13+/lb. The crawfish was good, too. $5+/lb.

                          2. S&D Oyster Co. would be my choice - I've been hitting it up since its inception waaay back when. They're my go-to place for fresh oysters on the half. The broiled snapper and flounder are two of my favorites. The fried oysters and shrimp are very *lightly* breaded and cooked to tender perfection. All that said, fish is NOT always healthy and nothing here is. Even the broiled items arrive still swimming in butter - the good stuff! Be sure to leave room for the lemon pie (made with sweetened condensed milk). After a full meal, it's sharable! Limited beers and wine choices are available. Generally speaking, pricing probably lands between Rockfish and Trulucks. http://www.sdoyster.com

                            1. Aw Shucks/Big Shucks - local chain with a great Mexican shrimp cocktail

                              Fish City Grill - also a local chain owned by the same people who own Half Shells. (and who used to be partners in Rockfish before they split off into their own company)

                              Main Stream Fish House near Preston and Forest is good for a bit more expensive than Rockfish but not anywhere near Trulucks.