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Jun 2, 2008 02:48 PM

[DFW] Good Inexpensive Seafood

So, it seems like everytime I go out for seafood its one of two places, Rockfish (cheap, but a chain) and Truluck's (too expensive). Where should I be going? There are only two criteria here: 1) not a national chain, local is fine; 2) less expensive than Truluck's. Any suggestions?

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    1. re: pinotho

      Aw Shucks would be your first bet.

      I dig Fish City Grill, if for nothing more than the Oyster Nachos

    2. Fish City Grill (it's ok)

      Aw Shucks (I LOVE the atmosphere and the boiled shrimp)

      Daddy Jack's (It's on Lower Greenville. I haven't been in years, but if you're looking for something different, this could be the place)

      Ixtapa Bay (It's a Mexican seafood joint on Garland and Peavy or something like that. I haven't been in a while, but I remember the Seven Seas Seafood Soup being quite tasty)

      Dallas Fish Market (Downtown - might be as expensive as Trulucks)

        1. - Hook Line & Sinker at Lemmon & McKinney is super-cheap and good
          - i like the Daddy Jack's Wood Grill in Deep Ellum better than the one on Greenville
          - Sea Breeze up in Plano
          - Pappadeaux has good fish

          1. Some people swear by S&D Oyster Co. on Mckinney. Not fancy, but pretty good for fried shrimp, oysters, Red Snapper ect. New Orleans-esq.