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Jun 2, 2008 02:23 PM

Salty Tart Patisserie now open at Midtown Global Market (MSP)

There's a new stand at the Midtown Global Market - the Salty Tart Bakery. (It's in the space left by the Starlight Cafe - which is sadly missed - as mentioned here: .

I read somewhere (here? The Rake? The Strib?) that the Salty Tart is run by the founder of Franklin Street Bakery.

In the name of research, I had a coconut macaroon, and it was FABULOUS! Golden brown on the outside, meltingly creamy on the inside, and just sweet enough (that is, very sweet but not tooth-achingly so). Six bites of heaven for only $1.50. I hope they do well and stick around for a long time!


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    1. Sounds very interesting.

      What other kinds of things do they have?

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      1. re: karykat

        One of the two bakery cases/displays was full, and the other was mostly empty - but I was there after lunch. Or perhaps it's that they just opened last week and their still ramping up.

        I remember seeing two savory items, a tomato tart and a brioche-like thing. The other things I saw were sweet - muffins, scones, chocolate-chip cookies, sugar cookies with a cute white-and-chocolate design, and a few other pastries. And I think there was also a whole cake of some sort (I have a vague impression that it was a rhubarb cake, because there was a bunch of fresh rhubarb nearby).


        1. re: AnneInMpls

          I just did a search, and it is indeed run by Michelle Gayer, of Franklin Street, also of La Belle Vie and Solera, and before that, Charlie Trotter's. What a pedigree! I need to head over there ASAP.

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        1. Anne - I think I ate a raspberry-rhubarb bar here on Sunday that was very good. I kept looking around for a name on it, but could find none. Does it have a green and white striped awning over it?

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          1. re: Foureyes137

            Yup, that's it. You're right - there isn't a name on the place. (I snagged a business card by the register, which is how I knew.) They're in the center area, near Pham's Deli and the Mexican candy store. They need a sign!


          2. Stopped by today, and tried a savory brioche made with caramelized onions and asiago cheese, which melted in my mouth and was really delicious. I also had a chocolate shortbread cookie which had a layer of ganache in between two thin shortbread layers, and the chocolate taste even made its way through my congested nose- I loved it!

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            1. re: cheeseguysgirl

              Those both sound so fabulous! If I thought they had any left tonight, I'd go down and break into the Midtown Global Market tonight, and I'd be on the news tomorrow... But I'm sure they sold out.


              1. re: AnneInMpls

                Based on your OP, I ordered a macaroon (they looked SO good!), but when I got home, it wasn't in my bag. :( Maybe with my laryngitis, she didn't hear me. I was bummed, because I LOVE all things cocomut, and you really made me want one. Maybe I'll be breaking in with you.....

                1. re: cheeseguysgirl

                  Oh, I love macaroons too. How devastating to be looking forward to one and finding it you didn't have one after all.

                  So, it's it all desserts and pastries (as I would expect given Gayer's background, or do they have bread, too? MGMkt really needs someone who sells freshly-baked bread!

                  P.S. CGG--someday, I think we should arrange a meeting between you and cheesemongerswife. Everytime I see one of her posts about St. Louis, I think of you. Ha!


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    At this point it's just desserts and pastries (although I am super grateful they have savory pastries as well as sweet ones). They don't have whole loaves , but I remember seeing a sign they are planning to begin having some soups and sandwiches in a little while, so hopefully loaves will be added as well-- even being able to place an order for them would be nice.

                    I remember the first time I saw a post by cheesemongerswife-- I immediately went to her blog, and I loved it! I think there is a chance CG may know her husband through mutual business friends-- it's a small cheese world out there.