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Jun 2, 2008 02:15 PM

Vietnamese-style coffee (ground beans)

A recent poster requested info on the drip press. My question is which of the various coffee offerings would be the best choice for a delicious brew, (similar to the tasty one at Golden Deli in S. G. V. for instance.)? Have tried several options including the grind in the small paper bags sold at some Viet markets. None of these produced the smooth taste. Help.

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    1. Many Vietnamese use Cafe Du Monde (my daily cup) as the Chicory it is blended with (1/4) makes for a really smooth flavor...mmmm

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        I thought the standard was pretty much any coffee with chicory. While Cafe Du Monde is the most famous, I've seen many others line the shelf at places like Hawaii Supermarket and 99 Ranch, all with labels indicating the inclusion of chicory.