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Osteria La Buca: Mamma, it's the beginning of the end.

First time poster, frequent lurker, and, yes, I know how people feel about first-time rant posts...

All that having been said, here goes:

Osteria La Buca (Melrose) is on its way down, far and fast. In fact, I think our experience this weekend will be our last. Short version: we ordered to go and they didn't make our food.

I say this having been a very early and very big fan since the restaurant's opening. Like so many other places, it was better -- much better -- when it was a hole in the wall. Presently, it seems to be turning itself into a crappy best-for-undemanding-lunch-only, owing any financial success to its proximity to Paramount. Fabiolus Café comes to mind.

This past weekend exposed and reinforced a number of fundamental problems which might be rationalized as charmingly Italian in nature, but when taken together and repeated (many times), seem to me like a death knell. To wit:

- La Buca is apparently possessed of the world's moodiest pizza oven and/or pizza oven operators. Unless you're doing something extremely specific and/or extremely special, an Italian restaurant in the US offers pizza on the menu. If you offer pizza on the menu, then you serve pizza, no excuses. My order very early (6 pm) Saturday was unilaterally canceled by the young woman taking orders because "they're not making pizza tonight." (More on her, the service and "silent failure" below.) "Because they're not making pizza tonight" is the wrong reason. Please see other posts on the subject of "No pizza" elsewhere in these pages.

- If you accept phone orders, then you make the meal that was ordered. Likewise, you ask for and confirm the phone number of the person ordering. That way, if someone in the kitchen refuses to, for example, make pizza that night, you contact the customer to tell them that there's no food for them waiting. The silent failure for me last Saturday was that, after ordering and after lengthy confirmation with gli spiriti capriciosi della cucina that the order would in fact be made, it wasn't. Since the young woman at the phone, who isn't a new member of the team, neglected to take our phone number (and of course, we neglected to force it on her), it wasn't until I showed up that I found out that we had no dinner. It seemed somewhat amusing to her. Not so to me.

- Since this wasn't at all the first time there has been some, shall we say, reluctance on the part of La Buca to fully embrace the concept of "to go" I'd like to recommend to them that they get with the program or drop it altogether. There's no small amount of (not very) passive aggression coming from Mamma or others on the subject, but since we are in fact in Los Angeles, you pretty much have to accept orders to go if you want to stay in business for very long with this kind of locally-driven business. This leads me to...

- Parking. Figure something out about parking. Now. This has been a problem before the expansion and remodel and is logarithmically more of a problem now that there are more than five tables and the newness has worn off. Without parking, OLB will only be a Paramount lunch and neighborhood place, which turns into a feedback loop for the "to go" issue above. Please someone translate into Italian the following: Valet. Parking. Is. A. Requirement. At. These. Prices.

- Delivery. OLB had a moment when it first opened where they offered delivery, which immediately vanished. I guess they were trying to figure out what restaurant they wanted to be. I tried to make the point with them very early on that LA people expect delivery from a small neighborhood place, and that many weeknights the last thing that their local clientele wanted to do was drive again to go out to dinner. I think they completely mishandled it and they thought they were justified in trying to make OLB a destination place... not going to happen. Please see comments on parking above.

- The service in the restaurant itself is just not good. Never really was, but when OLB was a hole in the wall, the surly attitude seemed like part of the charm. Now, it just seems like incompetence, which is what it is. The young woman I mentioned earlier in the post, based on this weekend and previous experiences... I'd have fired her on the spot. Plenty of other people waiting in the wings to do her job. (The service I've had at Maggiano's is better. Yes, I'll admit it, I went twice.)

- OLB's pasta (its claim to fame in my view) is still pretty uniformly very good-to-excellent, but the prices for most of the secondi are ludicrous. Comparisons to Mozza have been made elsewhere on CH, but Terroni is the more apt comparison. Value doesn't seem to enter into the equation for OLB and the specialness is simply gone from where it was prior to the remodel.

- The pizzas are still very good to excellent and the Celentano is still a standout, but the pizzas invite direct comparison to Pizzeria Mozza, and then again, you actually have to make the *^(&(*&^ pizza to sustain the comparison. (Any comparison to Osteria Mozza comes out very poorly for OLB, despite the late Restoration look of OM and the extreme and jarring punishment of the music there, and despite the presence of actual Italians at OLB.)

On balance, the party is over, and OLB of late struggles to offer Terroni level food and Louise's level service at Osteria Mozza prices. Actually, Louise's delivers, so that should read "struggles to offer... _sub_-Louise's level service..."

Too bad. Hancock Park has now lost La Luna and I'm now putting OLB on the deathwatch list, where they'll stay until they figure out how to actually run the place.

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  1. At least we still have Girasole.

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    1. re: love2eat

      Well, I have my horror stories on Girasole too, buried deep in Cyberspace's catacombs. Ditto on OLB.

      Somehow, LA seems to have that tropical quality that quickly dissolves most live entities into rotten pulp. Which is curious, given the low humidity.

      1. re: love2eat

        Girosole serves country club quality food. Nice people and love that there's no corkage, but the food, especially the meat dishes, are fairly bad.

      2. Post again - fun read.

        I may not have gotten the memo on Terroni, but we went for the first time about a month ago and had an excellent lunch (split salad, panini and pasta dish) with great service. Haven't been to LB/OLB since the expansion but frankly, though it was always good, I totally agree on the lackluster/subpar/extremely skimpy secondi, and really never got anyside besides the pasta. Now it just seems like a cute baby that turned into a spoiled brat.

        Regarding delivery and subsequent reaction, how incredibly annoying! I agree 100% - some restaurants never really decide to embrace what they're advertising, and unless they offer some kind of scene (Pink's), huge portions (chains) or convenience (fast-food), they go away. Too bad, eh?

        1. Secondi at La Buca is pretty weak.

          1. No Corkage in the Past, with remodel Corkage is now $18-. Deal Breaker.

            1. i was there last thursday and will not be going back. they weren't making pizza that night either. so my entire family ordered pasta. the bolognese was bland, the arrabiata was ok, the pesto and the fume were good but nothing to go back for.

              i had raved to my family about this place and unfortunately, they weren't able to experience the la buca that i had met a couple of years ago when it was a delicious closet-sized eatery with free corkage. OLB may be on deathwatch.. it has already died in my mind. sad.

              1. I have been going to LaBuca since it first opened and dine there often for both lunch and dinner. I can honestly admit that I have never had a bad meal there. I find them far superior to Batali's establishments and would not even begin to put them near a list that includes Louise's or Girasole. Granted, every restaurant can have an off day or evening and sometimes maybe a pizza oven is down (which I have never incurred). But don't go on a rant because you did not bother to even ask them to take your phone number so that they could have let you know the oven was not working. I stand by OLB and Mama's pastas.

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                1. re: albert fisher

                  i go to La Buca ever couple weeks or so. Whilel the prices are a bit high, the neighborhood area is a bit sketchy, i always find the food great. Havent been there for dinner yet. The expansion gives the place a lot more room and its been great so for. Dont give up yet!

                  1. re: albert fisher

                    This is my review from a while back...... by the way many feel the same way as I do......

                    I too recently had a horrible experience at La Buca. This used to be my favorite local neighborhood italian joint. They now feel like they are on the same page with Osteria Mozza and Madeo. Are you joking me? So, about two months ago we went to La Buca on a Saturday with an 8pm reservation. We sat down upstairs which was nice, and intimate but that is where the civility ended. We proceeded to order our wine, appetizers, and mains......our appetizers came out and we waited.... and waited.....for the wine. We asked multiple waiters on the status of the wine and there was the response, "Ok, coming." We must have heard this 5 times. RIDICULOUS Do these people understand that the margins are best on the wine that is consumed on the check. We were served our wine well after all the apps were finished at the table.

                    Now comes the best part, it is now about I would say 8:45pm, we did not receive our main course until 10:15pm. We were so irate we did not know what to do. We called over the manager (a brother of the la buca family) and explained the situation, that there were a few large tables who ordered ahead of us. After waiting an hour and a half for our meals, he said that he would get us an additional bottle of wine. We protested, and he basically told us to take it or leave it.


                    1. re: albert fisher

                      I appreciate your comments, but my rant (and I mentioned it would be a rant) had to do with much more than their failure to take my number and my failure to force it on them, as I mentioned in my post. The food is still good but not quite where it should be for the prices and they seem in general to not have worked out some basics that may result in some difficult times ahead. They seem to be having continued problems since the remodel, and I was unpleasantly surprised to see that most posters here have been having similar experiences.

                      Buon gusto!

                      1. re: ilhooq

                        With La Buca: order an nice app to start and then pick a pasta and you will be happy. No reason to complicate things.

                        Mozza pastas: $17-19
                        La Buca pastas: $13-$16

                        1. re: sebi

                          Are the pasta portion sizes the same at both places?

                    2. la buca is the same owners of briganti in s. pasadena. briganti=bad service with decent food. i think your experience is a big reflection on the management.