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Jun 2, 2008 01:58 PM

Looking for a romantic place with excellent food near Falmouth area: Regatta or Heathers?

We last went to Regatta of Cotuit about 5 years ago, and thought it was the best meal we had had on the Cape. Has anyone been recently? Is it still good?

I've also heard that Heathers in Mashpee has the former chef from the Regatta. Any opinions on that as our choice?


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  1. I have been only to heather for lunch. it was very good. i have not been to regatta so i could not comment. Let us know what you decide

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      Thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping someone posts with a recent visit to the Regatta, as we're leaning that way (it's not for a few weeks). I'll post a review after we eat.

    2. Regatta is, if anything, better than it was 5 years ago. New Chef/Owner, and he is good. place is looking fresh. The Heathers menu is almost exactly the old Regatta menu.

      Regatta building looks like old New England -- building was originally an Inn on the road to Chatham. Heather is new and modern in every way -- our booth had a TV! and it is in a shopping center.

      Both places have very formal, proper service; Heathers, surprisingly, seems a bit more stiff, maybe because it's newer.