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Jun 2, 2008 01:40 PM

Bizen or Fin

It's about time we have a ole fashioned Chowhound rumble. I finally finish yet another grueling semester as a PhD student, and me and the missus are going to go get sushi as celebration. I've read the other long thread on Bizen, it has a few mentions of this Fin (Lenox, MA) place and its merits. Which would you rather go to, all other things being equal? Comparisons to Osaka in Northampton would be helpful.

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  1. Fin, without a doubt...

    1. second that for Fin.....

      1. Fin... Hands up, down and all around

        1. Sorry, but I can't get on the Fin bandwagon. We have been there several times (always hoping...), and we are always disappointed. "Disappointed" took a step back last visit, and became "appalled." Since it was winter, we shared the place with only two other tables. We ordered edamame, and a variety of sushi and sashimi. Not too difficult. We waited... and waited... and waited, easily 30 minutes. We could see the sushi chef, and while we we were waiting, he was chatting up a young lady sitting at the sushi bar. It was not until she left that he even began preparing our order. While we waited, however, the phone rang, and the server took a sushi take-out order from the owner (who has several other restaurants in Lenox). He came in ten minutes later, picked up his order, and still we waited.

          Add to this a blaring radio in the kitchen; the fact that the sushi chef, who is not Japanese, by the way, was paying more attention to his friends than his work (which really made me nervous since we are talking about raw fish here); and a very high price... Well, let's just say that all hope is gone, and we won't be returning.

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            What does being Japanese have to do with being a great sushi chef?

            1. re: peachesnbubba

              Nothing, as long as the training is adequate. But the obvious lack of attention and commitment to preparing the sushi on the occasion I wrote of says little that's good about the training. Even were the service acceptable, which it certainly was not, I'm not comfortable eating raw fish prepared by someone with his eye on a friend rather than on the fish.

          2. Me too for Fin. I guess to see who you'd agree with, check our other postings. I've eaten at Osaka but didn't try their sushi. Have tried Bizen thrice and been disappointed all times.
            Some info for all the nice local Berkshire posters who pointed me to Fin in the first place...the friends having a small wedding party who went there were absolutely delighted with everything. Everyone was very accommodating to this party of 18, and the food was adored. By the way, the groom was an employee at Shuji's throughout high school and college--which, for those of you from out of the area, was probably the best japanese restaurant near the Berkshires until its closing.