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Jun 2, 2008 01:34 PM

Vegas Solo

Am going to be in Las Vegas on business and may need to do dinners solo. Instead of eating take out in my hotel room are there any great restaurants with bar seating/communal tables? I seem to recall Bouchon had a small bar where you could order from the menu but my recollection is a little hazy (must have been the pastiche...). Any ideas?

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  1. I ate alone at the bar at Mesa grill in Ceasar's. I had a great meal and the bartender even gave me a cactus pear marg. she made extra. I also went twice to Mon ami gabi and ate at the bar. Other loners sat there and made good conversation.

    1. There are lots! Off the top of my head (except where specified, the full menu is available):
      L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (MGM Grand): high end French food, with most people sitting at the food bar.
      Guy Savoy (Caesars): one of best (and most expensive) restaurants in town, its "Bubbles Bar" offers small bites for somewhat more reasonable prices.
      Okada (Wynn): my favorite sushi bar in town. I believe it also has a robata bar, but am not sure.
      Restaurant Charlie (Palazzo): The "Bar Charlie" portion has appetizer-type food, but also has incredibly good (and incredibly expensive) tasting menus.
      Daniel Boulud (Wynn): in addition to table seating, has a less formal lounge where there are both tables and a food bar.
      Seablue (MGM Grand): not a great restaurant, but pretty good.
      Michael Mina (Bellagio): I actually prefer the bar to the restaurant portion. The bar is quieter, and service is good.

      There are so many more. In addition, I've yet to find a restaurant in Las Vegas that won't seat a solo diner at a regular table. In fact, most are solo diner friendly.

      1. The bar at Bouchon would work and it's quite large, not small. Besides all the other recs I would add Craftsteak and, if you have a car, Rosemary's.

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          Would you still recommend Craftsteak for solo dining given its portion sizes? Granted all steakhouses overdo it, but I always thought Craftsteak was more family style, or is that just a possibility given some of its menu choices? Having said that, can anyone suggest one over the other: Craftsteak vs. SW vs. Prime vs. Cut? - not only for solo purposes but general quality? Thanks.

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            I've seen people eating solo at the bar at Craftsteak. While my husband and I would normally share a steak anyway (which we also do at N9NE), all of the steaks aren't huge, and the starters and sides are reasonably portioned. I think with more people you just order more dishes. Can't help you with SW or Prime, and my only experience at Cut was in Beverly Hills and we did not share a steak. Again, I'd say dining solo at Cut, you'd simply order fewer items.

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              I ate at the bar at Bouchon. Friendly, and good food. You had your choice of bar offerings or the dining menu. The bar is part of the restaurnt, more like a counter, not a side area, so you get the full Bouchon experience.

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            how about for lunch? we go every year and while my husband's in his confrenece i want to try some more fabulous places but seems like most are only dinner