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Jun 2, 2008 01:18 PM

Oyamel recently

Has anyone been to Oyamel recently? I'm looking for a fun, sexy restaurant for an anniversary, and while the menu sounds great, some of the old posts (2005-06 or so) are pretty negative... Thanks!

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  1. I really like Oyamel and go pretty often (maybe once a month?). It´s a great time, the food is solid and I think you can have the best margarita in town there. The tongue taco is excellent there, but don´t miss the caesar salad.

    1. Went there for lunch this year. The decor is fun but I wouldn't say sexy. The Costilla de res con mole pipian (braised short ribs) was delicious - is this really a Mexican dish? I also tried some tacos at the same time. I wouldn't say the flavor of the tacos are authentic. I was especially disappointed with the tongue tacos - theirs was chunky and flavorless. I'd definitely go back to try other things on their menu, probably because there's a lack of fine dining Mexican restaurants in the DC area. I'm not saying I'm an expert on Mexican cuisine and my comparisons are to local taquerias that I've tried (Michoacan, El Sabor De Mi Tierra, Distrito).

      1. I would never define this as sexy or an intimate place. Being that this is an anniversary dinner, be forewarned this place is SOOO loud (this is coming from someone in her 20s). If you want sexy maybe head to Zola instead.

        They have some interesting small plates on the menu but I was definitely not blown away or that awed by any of them. Just so you know, this isn't traditional Mexican, rather Mexican fusion.

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          ok this is definately not mexican fusion. The dishes are traditional and reflect several regions in mexico and quite accurately, I must say. Just because it´s not a dive and there´s no soccer on tv doesn´t mean that it´s not authentic

          1. re: cleveland park

            haha, ok...tell me the last time you saw scallops with pumpkin seed sauce or Sautéed seasonal wild mushrooms with garlic and shallots, served with guacamole or Poblano pepper stuffed with ground pork, pineapple and tomato, served in a creamy sauce of walnuts, brandy and "double cream" cheese, topped with fresh pomegranate at your local, AUTHENTIC, Mexican joint. I spent a few years there and never saw anyone use pomegranate or walnuts in their cooking. This is definitely "infused!"

              1. re: Jacey

                I think you´re confusing mexican down home food with authentic mexican food one finds in a mexican restaurant and although i can agree with you on some of your examples, you should probably choose your examples just a little better b/c chiles en nogada are extremely traditional in the DF and just about every place serves them in the city and indeed they are stuffed with walnuts and sprinkled with pomegranates. So although i see your point you could have used a better example then one of mexico´s city´s most popular celebratory dishes. Also the pumpkins are huge in mexican food as well as mushrooms, remember the aztecs used certain shrooms to speak to the gods

          2. I had a really good dinner there a few weeks ago - went with my mom, who liked it very much - I was surprised since usually she is not that adventuresome, not that it is really out there, more that it seems trendier than she usually likes. Anyway, we had a scallop dish with a pumpkin seed sauce that we both really loved - also pork tacos, a salad with jicama in it, guacamole... I definitely recommend trying it, but it's not a romantic vibe in there.

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            1. re: elizzy

              I lvoe Oyamel, but it's not "sexy". I'd do La Tasca if you want something a little more intimate. Or Rasika, which is right around the corner - I love Rasika for date night. Proof and Poste are also close - while Poste isn't sexy, it's got a great outdoor courtyard. Proof can be sexy and intimate as well.

              1. re: dcveggiemom

                although I love Andres other restaurants, I have been wanting to try oyamel. I have become more adventurous lately but Oyamel still seems a little weird to me. Is it strange "unique" stuff or will it be no more unique than cafe atlantico's latino dim sum tasting menu?

                1. re: daves_32

                  I think you can go either way at oyamel. You can get guacamole, caesar salad, shrimp and chicken tacos or you can get huachinango, tongue tacos, crunchy grasshopper tacos, etc. But the menu is not similar to Cafe Atlantico although two dishes are the same: Guacamole and snapper veracruz style

                2. re: dcveggiemom

                  Can you tell me more about Rasika? That's actually the other place I was considering, but was wondering if the food might be a bit heavy for the middle of summer.

                  1. re: imgould

                    You can pick dishes at Rasika that are not the "typical" heavy Indian that you can often get at such restaurants. BTW, I'm assuming that Rasika is your alternative based on the location, since it is pretty close to Oyamel. If you are picking it for its food, I'd say that there are better Indian places inside the beltway. I took my wife there for a "date night" back in February, and we were really not impressed with the quality for the fairly high prices that we paid. It wasn't bad, just not as good as many other Indian we've had that cost considerably less. That being said, its ambiance was much nicer than other Indian restaurants with better food, so I guess it depends what you want to pay for. Though it is a couple of blocks away, you may want to check out TenPen, which also has an upscale ambiance but is pan-Asian rather than Indian.