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Jun 2, 2008 12:44 PM

Domaine des Hauts de Loire - or other starred Loire recs?

Hi all, we're planning a sort of last minute trip in October to the Loire Valley and are looking for one great Michelin-starred place for a dinner on our anniversary. It looks to me that most of the starred places are 1-star, but Domaine des Hauts de Loire (in hotel of the same name) is the only two star. I'm not too hung up on number of stars, but I do want to have the best meal possible for our anniversary. I've also looked at Chateau de Pray and Domaine les Hauts Roches. All of the menus look good, so I'm not sure how to decide. Any other places I should be considering? Paris restaurant planning was so much easier!


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  1. We are planning a trip to the Loire Valley. What was your restaurant experience last summer ?

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      I LOVED Domaine des Hauts de Loire. The restaurant is exquisite -- so thoughtful. Good use of regional products. Excellent wine list. And the hotel... is sublime! Here are some photos on my blog:

    2. We stayed at Hautes Roches 4 years ago and had a wonderful time. The rooms, literally carved out of the "soft" rock are unique, huge and beautifully furnished. We enjoyed a marvellous dinner on the terrace. I'm not a rabid foodie, so all I remember is a fabulous dinner, incredibly good service and the largest cheese platter I've ever seen. I think it took two waiters to carry it over to our table. It was one of those nights that you remember and hope to duplicate.