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Free food at Happy Hour?

I know this topic comes up every few years or so, but hell, it's mid 2008 and I'm sure tons of things have changed since the last list like this was complied. So does anyone know places to get free food during happy hour?

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  1. keen's has these cool little fried shrimp for free during happy hour.

    1. Ooh, that's a good one. Also Channel 4, the Irish Bar in Midtown East puts out different free food every day at happy hour. Last time I was there it was these amazing super loaded potato skins.

      1. Can we also specify the day/time of the HH special?

        1. Rudy's: Free hotdogs and cheap beer. 627 9th
          El Cantinero on Unviersity; tex mex kinda food

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            El Cantinero's happy hour buffet is actually quite impressive, relatively speaking. A few hot dishes offered along with $4 Margs, beers, etc. Rudy's is a dive bar institution with insanely low drink prices, and yes- free hot dogs. However, I'd rather pay double the asking price at Gray's Papaya than eat another of those god awful dawgs at Rudy's. Fun place though.


          2. Go to Pravda on Lafayette before 6pm and they give you a complimentary order of house made potatoes chips with their creme fraiche and caviar dip. YUM

            1. Croxley Ale House in LES has free wings on Friday during happy hour. They aren't the best, but for free, they are definitely better than some wings i've actually paid for..

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                Yes, and not only does Croxley serve free wings, but three bins of them- mild, medium, and hot. 5-7 Fridays, along with a $4 Beer of the Day.


              2. Aroma wine bar, on E 4th St, offers a flight of 3 wines for $15 (pretty generous pours), and includes their antipasto bar. From 4 until 7 I think.

                1. The Thirsty Scholar: Weeknights from 5-8pm free buffet of wings, chili, shepherd's pie, fried food, etc and 20oz pints for $5

                  1. Ruth's Chris for homemade potato chips that are still warm! The Regency Hotel's bar for peanut M&M's and one helluva snack mix and nuts.


                    1. Nice ones! have any of you been to Cucina di Pesce in the East Village? They do free mussels in Marinara sauce all night long if you sit at the bar. It's pretty good.

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                        Love mussels.. what day do they have this?

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                          I'm pretty sure they have it every night during the week and possibly on the weekends.

                      2. When I dined at Dell' Anima in the past, i noticed that they has this "aperitivo" (Italian happy hour?) Fri - Sun from 4-6pm, with free Italian food assuming you get a drink.

                        I have never been at those hours so I can give you the details on what food they offer.

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                          I actually just came across that one the other day. I've been meaning to check it out.

                        2. Crocodile Lounge near Union Square serves a sizable personal pizza with every drink order. All the time. Pizza's not spectacular but it comes straight from the oven and so you could have your dinner and a beer for $6. It gets extremely crowded with NYU students, though. Avoid it on Wednesday nights - it's Quiz Night and standing room only.

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                            If I'm not mistaken, domestic beers at Crocodile Lounge are actually $3 each during happy hour, so yes- it is one of the overall greatest deals in Manhattan.


                          2. The old Tracey J's (which I think is called the Watering Hole now or something like that) in Gramercy has a full buffet spread. No idea what it's like or how the food is now that the other partners took it over, but this used to be a hidden gem for great burgers, and fresh turkey clubs. I'd imagine the buffer is along the lines of chicken wings but it's free.

                            1. There's another place in midtown that I know of called Ashton's, and they a different hot food every weekday. Last time I was there it was pasta with sausage and chicken. It was a little greasy, but hell, it was free.