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Jun 2, 2008 12:28 PM

Free food at Happy Hour?

I know this topic comes up every few years or so, but hell, it's mid 2008 and I'm sure tons of things have changed since the last list like this was complied. So does anyone know places to get free food during happy hour?

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  1. keen's has these cool little fried shrimp for free during happy hour.

    1. Ooh, that's a good one. Also Channel 4, the Irish Bar in Midtown East puts out different free food every day at happy hour. Last time I was there it was these amazing super loaded potato skins.

      1. Can we also specify the day/time of the HH special?

        1. Rudy's: Free hotdogs and cheap beer. 627 9th
          El Cantinero on Unviersity; tex mex kinda food

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            El Cantinero's happy hour buffet is actually quite impressive, relatively speaking. A few hot dishes offered along with $4 Margs, beers, etc. Rudy's is a dive bar institution with insanely low drink prices, and yes- free hot dogs. However, I'd rather pay double the asking price at Gray's Papaya than eat another of those god awful dawgs at Rudy's. Fun place though.


          2. Go to Pravda on Lafayette before 6pm and they give you a complimentary order of house made potatoes chips with their creme fraiche and caviar dip. YUM