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Jun 2, 2008 12:23 PM

Wine Country?

Hi - My husband and I are planning our honeymoon for Montreal and Quebec. We had heard mention of wine country - B&Bs, tasting rooms, vineyards, resturants - between the 2 cities. We are from Oregon and love trying local wines. We are total foodies (but not wine snobs!)

We are making a triangle trip in and out of Burlington, VT. We will have a car.

Any recommendations or suggestions? We are looking for a moderately priced B&B and some winery suggestions (if there are any!).

Also, if wineries isn't a great idea - any other place to visit for a day between Montreal, QC, or Burlington would be great.

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  1. The wine country is not between Montreal and Quebec City perse. It's more in between the two major highways that connect Vermont to Montreal so it will be on your way either in or out of town. That being said, the climate here makes for a tough job at growing grapes and most varietals are north american clones. Only a few vineyards are planted with vitifera grapes as in Oregon and wines are mostly rustic rather than refined.

    Among the top producers, I'd steer you towards le Domaine des Pervenches that grows Chardonnay, the only one in Quebec I believe. There's also L'Orpailleur, the first vineyard to open in Quebec which is also consistant. Maybe somebody else will be able to chime on other producers but these two are the ones that come to mind.

    You'll also find some cheesemakers in the area, most notably Fritz Kaiser in Noyan, a Swiss expat who makes very good cheese.

    This link should help you plan your visit :
    Honestly, the wine country is beautiful but the wines are average at best. The better wines come from the Niagara Peninsula, in Ontario, and Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia.

    Driving up from Burlington to Montreal, I'd recommend staying away from I-89 and driving through the Champlain Lake Islands which is a beautiful drive and not much longer. It'll also spare you the first 50-60 kilometers on the Quebec side that are not highway proper and terrible to drive on. Like driving in Iraq.

    1. I find our cider and cider derivatives far more interesting than our wines, and they are more or less in the same area a bit south and sometimes east of Montréal, though since apples are more tolerant of frost there are even worthy ciders from beyond Québec City.

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        Domain Pinnacle is between Frehligsburg and Abercorn, close to the US border and makes "Ice cider" which is very similar to icewine, but made of apples. They have a very nice tasting room too. They also started making a Baileys-like cream liqueur recently which is quite delicious.

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          That cider cream is crazy good. Also along the border, but closer to NY, there's la Face Cachée de la Pomme in Hemmingford. The top producer along with Pinnacle. I'm also fond of Cidredie du Minot and their sparkler Minot de glace. Clos St-Denis is also very worthy.

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            Thank you for all that great information. We can't wait to go - I will report back.
            Thanks again!