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Jun 2, 2008 11:42 AM

Hudson recommendations?

Hi there, I'll be passing through Hudson in a couple of weeks and would appreciate your comments/suggestions for dining.

We're looking for a good breakfast/brunch spot, preferably in town but leaving open the possibility of a nearby town or across the water in the Catskills area.....Don't lead us too far down the road before breakfast, though! :-)

Also, we're thinking of having dinner at Ciao Bella in Hudson. I'm intrigued by what sound to be authentic Sicilian menu items and unusual seafood. Any experiences at this place?

Thanks so much --

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  1. Will this be a weekend? If so you could have a late breakfast or brunch at Red Dot, or a lunch/brunch at Ca Mea, Swoon, or Vico. On weekdays, they serve lunch. For dinner, Ciao Bella can be hit or miss. We have had some great dishes there, and some that just fell flat. The Sicilian dishes are the best, though unfortunately they do not always have all of them. The first few times we went there, they had rabbit on the menu but it was not available. They have since removed it from the menu. Sometimes it's a question of being able to get the ingredients in the area. The tripe is very good, the pasta with sardines is worthwhile, scungilli pretty good. The portions are huge, and prices are very reasonable for the quantity of food. As far as quality, I think Swoon is the best, and Ca Mea and Vico are better than Ciao Bella but do not have those hard-to-find Sicilian dishes. Another possibility for breakfast is the West Taghkanic Diner, about 5 miles from Hudson at the intersection of Route 82 and the Taconic Parkway. It's an authentic 1950's diner with simple but excellent food and friendly service with very low prices.