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Jun 2, 2008 11:23 AM

Thoughts on Oregon wine tour?

Mrs DD and I are planning a short (3 day) trip and can't decide. We used to live at the south end of the Napa Valley (Vallejo), so we've visited Napa, Sonoma Valley, Central Coast, Temecula, Mendocino, etc. She's on a Pinot Gris kick these days so I was thinking maybe Oregon, but I know very little about it. Been all over Oregon back in the 70s, but not much in the way of wineries back then. I'm thinking fly into Eugene and keep it to 3 or 4 wineries a day for a two day tour. Any suggestions? I'm not a huge Pinot Noir fan, but I can be had...

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  1. There are a number of wineries around Eugene, though the majority of producers are NW of Salem around Dundee, Newburg, McMinnville and Carlton. Dundee is about 1 1/4 hour drive from Eugene, going through Salem.

    It seems that most Oregon growers are producing Pinot Gris as well as Pinot Noir.

    Around Eugene you should visit King Estate, about 20 minute drive from town, they have an excellent Pinot Gris and it is a lovely place to have lunch or dinner overlooking the valley and vineyards. Going NW a little you could visit Sweet Cheeks and Sylvan Ridge, maybe 15 minutes away.

    Day two you should go north to Dundee and Carlton and visit. Good lunch and dinner places in Dundee and Dayton.

    If you look at a map you may wish to consider flying into PDX instead of Eugene. It would cut your driving time down somewhat and get you into the heart of the Oregon Wine region a little faster. A plus is there are better eats in Portland than Eugene I am sad to say.

    1. There are many recent threads on wine touring in the Pacific NW board. Check them out.
      I too am puzzled as to why you would fly to Eugene. Not only are there fewer and more expensive flights to Eugene, it is farther than Portland to the heart of Pinot country, that being Dundee. Carlton Winemaker's Studio, Argyle, Amity, Domain Drouhin, Elk Cove, Cooper Mountain, Sokol Blosser blah blah...
      Here are some maps. It is telling as to the greatest concentration of wineries

      Also consider Pinot Blanc.

      You won't recognize Oregon from the 70s. We now are second to CA in number of wineries!

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        Thanks for pointing me to the Pacific NW board! That helped a lot. I'm not married to flying into Eugene, so maybe PDX is a better choice. Appreciate the help!

      2. I have no direct experience with touring in Oregon. However, here are my favorit Oregon wineries:


        Argyle (Plus they make great qpr sparkling wines)

        Ken Wright (lots of different, very good, single vineyard stuff, a step above the above)

        Domaine Serene (you pay out the nose for the Grace Vineayrd, but it is among the greatest Pinots of the New World -- the Evanstad Reserve is pretty tasty, too)

        Le Cadeau (BHVineyard on Wine Spectator Forums, iirc. great stuff, great guy)

        Soter (As in Tony Soter, the founder of Etude in Napa. The best. And the best sparkling rose outside Champagne I've ever tasted -- and that includes the $100+ Schramsberg bottling)

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        1. re: whiner

          Everything Whiner says. All his suggestions are very dialed-in.

          Think about spending some time in the Chehalem area, rather than focusing on Willamette. Also, Yamhill.

          1. re: maria lorraine

            Oh, one more thing. The Reserve Pinots are far, far better than the regular release ones. Pay the extra $5 -$10 bucks to taste the reserves. It helps if you make reservations -- somehow those reserves seem to appear magically then.

            1. re: maria lorraine

              In addition to Chehalem, Francis Tannahill!

              and no visit to the Willamette is complete, imho, without a visit to Eyrie, where Dick Lett still presides. He is the father of the Oregon wineries...

              1. re: ChefJune

                Just to be clear...when earlier I wasn't...Chehalem is both a wine district (AVA) and the name of a winery.

          2. I don't know if Thomas does tastings (up near Willamette I think) but his pinots are, IMHO, THE best I've had of domestic ones, at least in recent memory. If you do go via Eugene, don't bother with Sweet Cheeks; its gosh awful and BTW, their sparkling wine comes to them by way of Gruet. Eating wise in Eugene, check out Marche, or the just about to open "Belly". Should you go to Ken Wright, give his pinot blancs a try, very nice. Noting Maria's comment, hit Chehalem, the winery. Nice juice.

            1. I spent one day wine tasting in the Willamette Valley 2 years ago.
              I like Pinot, and visited:
              Domaine Serene
              Domaine Drouhin
              Archery Summit

              The first 3 are outstanding, but of course a bit pricy.
              Archery Summit's pinots are more full bodied than Domaine
              Serene and Domaine Drouhin.

              Argyle and Ponzi were a bit below the first 3 but fun
              and very good value in terms of price. Next time I will try
              to hit some of the wineries I missed, like Adelsheim.