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Jun 2, 2008 11:20 AM

Where to eat - Burlington/Lexington/Waltham area

Have read very mixed to bad reviews here about restaurants in Burlington and Lexington area. We are meeting folks for dinner - Burlington is about half way for us (also convenient since I have errand to do at mall). Dandelion Green has gotten very mixed reviews, as have many restaurants in Lexington. There is a Legal Seafood in the mall, we've been to LS but not this one. Has anyone dined there or Dandelion recently? Do we need to travel to Waltham to find a good restaurant? We're looking for fairly casual restaurant with good food, preferably one not focused on steak/red meat. Also out(unfortunately) for this dinner are Chinese, Japanese, and sushi. Italian or bistro restaurant would be great, price range up to about $20 - 25 for entree, so not cheap but not over the top either. Would appreciate any suggestions. Also you're opinion on whether rec restaurant would require resv for Sat nite. Thanks.

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  1. A new favorite of mine is Kushboo Indian Restaurant in Lexington Center. It's in a very pretty upstairs location, but the food price might be a little inexpensive for your budget. :-)

    1709 Massachusetts Ave.

    1. How about Summer.Winter in the Burlington Marriot- run by the famous chefs who won Arrows in Ogunquit Me (very expensive). I understand that the menu and prices are not ultra expenxive but more likte their menu at MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, their other casual restaurant. You can look on their website, but not sure prices are posted.

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          Cafe Luigi is good red sauce Italian, affordable and very busy most evenings. A caution, though - the tile floor seems to make for bad acoustics. It's VERY noisy, so not a good spot if you want to converse with your dinner companions.

          Haven't been, and maybe more than you want to spend: The Melting Pot, on the Bedford/Burlington line, for fondue.

          1. re: greygarious

            I don't like Cafe Luigi's because of the service, which has been a very mixed bag from our experience. The food is fine, nothing to swoon over but okay.

            Down 4/225 from Luigi's, past the rt.62 split on the left is Dalya's. It gets some good reviews.

        2. Search the Boston Board for many, many postings on Waltham, Lexington and Burlington. Many times Catch in Winchester is recommended in lieu of Lexington restaurants. Arlington also has many good places. L'Andana in Burlington has gotten some good comments.

          1. Two suggestions I would have are (1) The Catch Restaurant in the center of Winchester. They serve excellent seafood prepared in interesting ways. They offer a $45.00 prixe fix menu for three courses. There are about 6 choices of appetizers, 6 to 8 entree choices and about 4 desserts. The food is really excellent and they have a nice wine list that covers a wide range of price points. My second rec would be L'Andana on Rte 3A in Burlington. This restaurant is operated by the same company that own Mistral and Sorellina in Boston. The prices are a bit above what you are looking for but the food is very good. You will need reservations for either place. PS> Stay away from Dandelion Green. In a word, Awful