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Jun 2, 2008 11:09 AM

Haussmann Brasserie

would love to hear impressions of those who have eaten at Jacky Pluton's new Northfield restaurant

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  1. Had dinner there last night...service was uneven, looong wait for all food, the Plats du Jour listed on the menu are not even offered yet but our waiter didn't tell us that until we'd all decided on the Wed. special. Steak au poivre was described as peppery and spicy, with a bit of cayenne. It was the most bland I'd ever tasted and was cooked rare instead of my requested medium rare. The scallops were undercooked, the frites were cold. One person in our party said the burger was good. And the bread is delicious. I may try again but I'd wait 3-6 months to see if these problems can be fixed.