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Jun 2, 2008 10:55 AM

Best Lunch Spot in Leslieville/Riverside

So what is the best Lunch spot in the leslieville/riverside area. I recently just switched to working nights and now have much time to explore the strip in the day light hours.

Coyote Willies?
SOMA Restaurant and Lounge?
Real Jerk?

I'm staying away from Dangerous Dans... had dinner there and don't expect much difference during the day except I can see the dirt better :) And Burger Shoppe I feel is just not woth the price.

Anyoen been around the strip during the day?

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  1. Bonjour Brioche at Queen and Degrassi is awesome! Enjoy it during the day, because it is packed on weekends. I don't know how they get their quiche to be so fluffy (I fear it's heavy cream but won't ask)

    1. Try the Schawarma Place across from the beer store, deceivingly good, Sushi Marche is worth the price. I find Eddie Lesque way over rated. The best kept secret is in Corktown Jamie Kennedy's new lunch place on Gilead Place, amazing!

      1. Coyote Willie serves just okay TexMex in a cramped and somewhat depressing atmosphere. I'd go there over Dangerous Dan's or Burger Shoppe, but that's faint praise.

        Real Jerk is capable of good cooking, but usually doesn't bother and often disappoints. Nice vibe. Rotis are probably the best bet. Jerk chicken can be very dry and unspicy. Pasta and seafood aren't worth the bother. Jerk pork, which I don't eat, is reputed to be better than the chicken.

        Citizen's lunch menu looks appetizing, but I haven't been there yet.

        Prohibition markets itself as a drinking spot and Soma for late nights. (Haven't been to these places either.)

        Dark Horse Coffee is very nice. I don't know whether they serve food, though. Mary MacLeod makes possibly the best shortbread in Canada, but no real food at all here. Ditto Mercury Espresso - great coffee, no food.

        Bonjour Brioche has reliably good lunches at good prices and a nice patio. Service can be okay or full of attitude and appalling.

        Joy can provide a food and service experience anywhere from excellent to awful, but you'll be happy on the west patio when the weather's nice.

        Cafe Vert has mainly organic food and is quite good. Pulp kitchen has its loyal fans but, unless you are vegan, it isn't worth going.

        Reliable Fish & Chips is very good. Woodgreen Fish & Chips (closer to Broadview - takeout only) has a good rep, but I can't verify.

        Stratenger's has reliably good Indian food and wood oven pizza. Sushi Marche is very good (takeout only).

        I have found the Lebanese place opposite the beer store to be really terrible, but I've heard some raves from others. Take a chance - once, anyway.

        I've boycotted Ed Levesque's nasty demeanor and inconsistent cooking for so long now that I don't know what the food tastes like anymore. When good, Edward is very good. But...

        The Wokker has oddly edible food, though I wouldn't call it actually "Chinese". I quite like their beef stir fry with (sushi) ginger. Authentically retro, weird, atmosphere.

        And, of course, Gale's Snack Bar, Toronto's cheapest restaurant, remains in business on Eastern.

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        1. re: embee

          wow embee! Thanx for the amazing breakdown. I've now been to a couple of places and...

          Real Jerk... I had the Chicken Roti, and I must say I found it pretty decent. The rice on the side was pretty dry but all in all good portion/quality for what you're paying.

          Dark Horse is such an amazing spot. The communal table is great. Relaxed service, chilled out vibe, great spot to just sit back and read the paper.

          SOMA has quite a great lunch. It's a beautiful room (the light fixtures are crazy cool!) I think its a late night spot, as well as being a good lunch spot and the dinner menu looks good as well. I had the sweet chili chicken club sandwich with yam fries (with wasabi aioli, Yum!) Good portions, decently priced. Definitey worth checking out. And big enough to park a stroller in as well. As there were some moms camped on the couches having a coffee.

          Gales Snack Bar.... intrigues me sooooo much, I havent built up the courage to actually try it out.

          and lastly,

          Had breakfast at okayokay.... and it was okayokay. decent portions but noting really that stoodout as amazing (although the fresh squeezed apple juice was quite tasty)

          the updates will continue...

          1. re: jeastfull

            I'm a huge fan of the Real Jerk, but I agree with those who say the food can be dry on occasion. (It's sublime when the kitchen's on, though.) I alway order sides of extra jerk sauce, mostly because I love it, but it also comes in handy when you get one of the occasional dry orders.

        2. F'Coffee (Queen East, just before the bridge) has a small (sandwiches, veggie chili) but decent brunch menu on weekends. They might offer lunch on weekdays (in fact, I don't see how they can't), but I have never been so I can't say for sure. And they have very nice coffee.

          1. Agree with everything already posted, and will add Red Rocket coffee to that list. They have great wraps, soups and sweets, and it's all homemade in house. It's a little east of Greenwood, on Queen, across from the TTC yard and the garden centre.