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Jun 2, 2008 10:53 AM

Sugar & Sunshine Bakery, Plainsboro, NJ

We popped into this new place yesterday, located in the new Plainsboro Village Center.
They have several varieties of cupcakes and cookies, and serve coffee as well. We sampled a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, and a coconut cupcake, which the owner mentioned was made with coconut milk in both the cake and frosting. Both were wonderful. Other cupcake varieties I noticed were Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, and Lemon. There were several others as well. The place itself is very pretty and nicely decorated. They have tables for eating in. A great addition to the area - we'll be back.

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  1. we eat Indian out there sometimes, so this is a good place to know about, assuming they're open later than 8pm. Are they doing all the baking? Sounds like it, given the owner's comment about the coconut milk... Still, can't hurt to ask you! Do they have muffins, scones, etc, too? thanks!

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      Yes, they do all the baking there. I think I saw muffins, not sure about scones though.

    2. darn you for this! lol! i work nearby and have been holding myself back from going in there! now that you tell me they have cupcakes, red velvet, no less, i'll have to indulge.

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        Ok, so I hit up the bakery today. Only had 3 bucks in my pocket and the cupcakes were $2 so I tried a Red Velvet one. It was delicous. Perfect amount of icing to cake ratio. The icing was so good I could have eaten a tub of that. The cake was moist and chocolately, though if you didn't tell me it was red velvet I would have just thought it was chocolate. Next trip, I'm trying the peanut butter cupcake with chocolate icing.

      2. The cupcakes here were ok, they were out of the peanut butter cupcake when I visited.

        Random Side Note (sorry if inappropriate): The people in here did not smile.
        How is it possible not to smile when you are baking cupcakes?!?
        Maybe just a bad sad day.

        1. Regarding the not smiling issue - I feel a tension in the air every time I go in there. I get the impression they're new at this kind of business, and not sure how to act around customers (which may make them seem a bit too serious). The other impression I get is that they know they're circling the bowl - again, that's just my impression, but I think they focused on too much of a niche product to generate enough business, there's a much more prominent coffee place on the corner, and this place is tucked off to the side and easy to miss. It's kind of sad, really, because I believe in patronizing small local businesses, and this one seems to have the deck stacked against it from the start.

          I've tried about a dozen different cupcakes and they are all good. There are no sugar-free or sugar substitute options - it seems to be part of their mission statement to only use 'real' ingredients (see their website If they had some sucralose options I would stop by more often, but that's just me. Too much sugar and I get a headache.

          I hope they make it, but if you're thinking of trying them out, go sooner than later.

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          1. re: Z.B.

            I haven't been here since last summer when they first opened when I was working in the area. I can't recall the smiling issue but you all reminded me how much I miss those darn cupcakes.

            Besides the cupcakes, the triple chocolate cookie is to die for. I would consider driving the 45 miles to just get those cookies.

            1. re: dani0622

              I recently tried this delicious food, and highly recommend it. I was driving with my wife and kids near the Stop & Shop or King's supermarket, she said cross over & see what's over here, and there was the bakery. I had it in my favorites as a place I wanted to try. It was very good, the location is a little off the beaten path. A&G Italian Food next door is excellent also. I could live in the basement of either.

          2. Stopped here again - they were ALL smiling!
            It was a very happy place
            They even offered to 'create my own" cupcake - pick the cake pick the icing.
            A positive change!