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Dec 13, 2002 10:14 AM

favorite mail order specialty food???

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I am looking for any suggestions for mail order specialty food items to be sent to other "foodies" as Christmas gifts. I have checked out William Sonoma & the giant caramel apple looks promising, has anyone tried it???

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  1. I send to myself from Harry and David a box of the best artichokes and avocados I have ever had. Each one is perfect. I also use them for amazing fruit to send to relatives back East. Also has the hughest chocolate covered strawberries I have ever seen.

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    1. re: Ginger Wolf

      Does Harry & David have a website?

      1. re: dotrat

        Yes, see below.

        I've ordered corporate gifts from them before and they are VERY efficient. The next year, you receive a list of who you ordered for the previous year, which makes it very easy to manage. You can do it all online too via the "My GiftList" feature. Highly recommended. They also have brick and mortar stores...go to


    2. pork guanciale

      1. Well, if you want to send a gift to me I humbly request a package of good bagels from H&H and/or sable, some pork guanciale, a subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club at Grateful Palette, good tea, Dean & Deluca House Blend coffee, proper French macaroons from Fauchon- pistachio and chocolate, a box of champagne truffles from Teuscher, a bottle of real balsamico, a whole serrano ham with the stand, interesting wine, pate de fruit- black currant, a tub of duck confit from D'Artagnan, or an elk roast.

        Finally, let me know in advance so I can purchase a supply of Actimel (now available in the US) to get it all down.

        Let me know if you need any more suggestions.

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        1. re: JudiAU

          What, no truffles?

          1. re: dotrat

            I didn't want to be greedy.

        2. I like the Our Lady of Mississippi for their candies. A little pricy but worth the money. I also like The Abbey of Gethsemani for their two types of bouron fudge even though the bourbon in the fudge can be a bit strong for some.

          1. I get loads of emails from them, but have never ordered anything.... even though some deals look good. Was wondering if anyone has tried them?

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            1. re: TastyJon

              years ago Cook's rated them and I've never considered since.

              1. re: TastyJon

                Save your money and invest it in a few quality hunks of beef. This isn't it.

                Their burgers are the worst excuse for school lunch mystery meat I have ever had.

                Most of the stuff you can get better quality in your average supermarket.

                1. re: ironmom

                  You are being too kind. It is just gristle scraps and low grade garbage. It used to be very good but those days are long gone.

                  1. re: ironmom

                    Pay attention everyone, Mom knows best. Go to Lobel's for good, expensive, prime beef.