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Has anyone been to "Port" in Pickering

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I have been hearing about this new spot in Pickering, right on the water that just opened. Apparently its quite nice inside, and overlooks the bay. Just curious if anyone has been? or has a comment. Its off of Warf Street I believe, not to be confused with the Waterfront place that overlooks the marina.

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  1. I've been there 3 or 4 times. It's a very beautiful place, with a formal dining room, a bar/lounge and an outdoor patio overlooking the bay. Food is ambitious and generally very good. Service is erratic.

    1. I was last there a year ago. Beautiful location by the lake. The menu seemed limited and I was not impressed by my meal. All I recall is that the mussels weren't fresh, or properly cleaned. Great place for a drink but I have not returned for a meal - not exactly inexpensive for spotty food. Better choice in Pickering for a consistently good meal is Burbs.

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        I don't think they were open a year ago...

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          Opened for at least a year if not 1.5 years

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            The post you are replying to is from 2008. :)

      2. Beautiful location for a beer outside in the summer but overpriced and mediocre food. Food is better at the Waterfront next door, especially when they have their weekend chef on.

        1. Been there twice. Both times the food was terrible. Probably won't go again.

          1. Been several times with friends who have a sailboat in the nearby marina, usually in the summer. We have a bunch of appetizers and cocktails at the bar instead of full meals in the dining room and we really enjoy it. We prefer the casual atmos in the bar area. Don't tend to get a warm reception at the front door for some reason but servers and bartenders are great.