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San Francisco hound report on St. Louis

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Thank you to all who responded to my original post. Just got back to the Bay Area from a work conference in St. Louis. Overall, a good trip.

Tuesday night arrival: After getting all checked in at the hotel it was edging fairly close to 9pm so we opted for something within a short walk of the hotel. We ended up at Mosaic Tapas Bar. I had the sea bass in ponzu with bacon, potato strings and bok choy. Nice dish overall loved the bacon and the ponzu sauce with the fish. Very balanced combination. My friend got the the tapas tuesday set met. She started with the butternut squash soup. Velvety texture and nice hints of vanilla, then she got the hummus with flatbread. I thought this was just OK in terms of flavor and text and not sure how I felt about having feta, olives and tomatoes on top of the hummus. I like the feta but but was not that excited abou the olives. Her petit flavor was cooked perfectly and had a nice flavor. The chocolate bread pudding was fine but nothing to write home about.

Wednesday: We visited anheuser busch. Which was more interesting than I expected it to be. The clydesdale's were the highlight for me. Just magnificant looking horses. For lunch we ate at Kitchen K. Decent lunch fair and overall a nice roast beef sandwhich with jus and what looked like homemade potatoe chips. For dinner we started with an appetizer at Niche. We shared the pappardelle pasta with pork ragu and apples. Great homemade pasta made in house. It was touthsome and cooked perfectly. Great flavor contrast between the succulent pork and the tart slices of apple in the pasta. After our appetizer we headed over to Sidney Street Cafe where had a great meal at the bar. We shared a few appetizers. The standout appetizer were the veal dumplings. Wrapped in a pot sticker wrapper and served with sweet/sour sauce, tomato relish and chives. Just delicious. We came back on Friday primarily for these. The bacon wrapped shrimp were all cooked perfectly and the honey mustard sauce was a nice compliment to the shrimp. The stuffed mushrooms with crab were extremely rich and very tasty. The beignet bread rolls they serve steaming hot with the honey herb butter are addictive. After dinner we headed to BB's where we caught some live music. Good band but not great compared to the bands we saw on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday: Lunch enjoyed a really nice french onion soup and toasted ravioli's from I believe it was called the past house in Downtown St. Louis. Saw the cards beat the astros in the evening and then headed to Beale on Broadway to hear Kim Massey (sp) sing. Just amazing night. Great music, good drinks and overall a fabulous evening.

Friday: Went back to Sidney Street Cafe for dinner. Shared a bunch of appetizers and one entree. Lobster turnovers were large and had fantastic lobster flavor, ramp pasta with lamb ragu and fiddlehead ferns. Very earthy dish that received mixed reviews at our table some liked it other's not so much. The skirt steak with whiskey sauce, onion strings, roasted asparagus and potatoes au gratin was lipsmacking good.

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  1. wow. The Pasta House, huh. Interesting. I have never known any 'hounds' to like that spot. They are a chain here in St. Louis and surrounding areas. But you did just get TRavs and soup....nothing to haute cuisine.

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      Yeah, I am trying to wrap my head around the Pasta House kudos too. They do a solid job of pedestrian Italian. Their toasted ravs are decent though and if that is what they had then its probably OK.

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        Is charlie gitto's the same thing because it was Charlie Gitto's. Just looked at my receipt.

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          Nope. Charlie Gitto is one of the better places in St. Louis. You have restored my sense of equilibrium.