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Jun 2, 2008 10:41 AM

A foodie day in West Palm

I live in Ontario but I'll be visiting my family in Hollywood. My friend lives in Vero Beach. The last time I came down, she met me in Plantation. Its a tad too far for her to drive so we want to meet halfway. We were both thinking West Palm.

I know zero about West Palm( I've never been). We'd like to go to a restaurant supply store( ok if profesional only as I'm a personal chef/caterer) and do some other foodie type stuff/shopping.

What do you suggest? Also open to restaurant suggestions.


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  1. City Place!
    It's right off of I-95 on Okeechobee about 1 mile east. The best seafood is at Legal's and there's also Italian at Bellagio, steaks at Ruth Chris and lots of other great choices. There's lots of shopping choices too(Williams Sonoma for foodie stuff) and a great theather for movies as well as the Improv comedy club.

    1. I agree that Cityplace is the place to go. The best restaurant is Bellagio! The food is excellent, service is top notch and it has the best atmosphere. Ask for Mauricio and he will take care of you!

      1. No doubt about it... you're getting good advice here. CityPlace has a ton of great restaurant choices, and the nice part is that you can stroll around before or after in this gorgeous, European loojking plaza and get a little ice cream chaser to dinner! Bellagio is really good Italian food but if you're into steak, this is the best Ruths Chris in Florida.

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          We both dont eat red meat and we're looking for a lunch place. Is Bellagio open for lunch?

        2. Calipoutine - I almost never get up to Palm Beach, so I'm clearly not the best person to give advice, but I just can't believe that CityPlace is what you're looking for (unless you really want to eat in an upscale mall w/ a Cheesecake Factory, Ruth Chris, etc.).

          It has been ages since I've been there, but I recall this Village Marketplace being decent for a gourmet grocery type place. I suspect prices will be astronomical as this is in the wealthiest part of Palm Beach ->

          Unfortunately I have no idea what the restaurant supply places are up there.

          For restaurants, I was just up that way and had good stuff at Forte di Asprinio (Stephen Asprinio was a former Top Chef contestant if you care) and Daniel Boulud's Cafe Boulud in the Brazilian Court Hotel.

          Forte di Asprinio

          Brunch & Cafe Boulud

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          1. re: Frodnesor

            I have to agree with Frod that CP is not a good place to eat. Overpriced tourist "type" places that can be had almost anywhere.

            It all depends what the OP is looking for. Creative? Fancy? Casual?

            Creative and casual is the Reef grill mentioned below. But I also have to add Leftover's (Food Shack's new resto) in Jupiter to that rec. Food Shack is slammed busy but the brand new Leftover's in Abacoa is less crowded. Fresh fish served in a creative Florida fashion. Sweet potato crusted, boniato/herb crusted, whole island style, tarot root crusted, etc....

            See review:


            1. re: freakerdude

              Creative and casual is good. We'd also like to stay about 20.00 per person. I actually prefer eating cold lunches( weird I know). Any good places like that? Deli's maybe or a good sandwich/salad place( no chains please).

              1. re: Calipoutine

                I don't have any info on delis or sandwich places. You should be able to keep the above down to $20. Appetizers are good sized and all fresh fish is served on a salad of some sorts. 3 apps for 2 people would be plenty to eat at either of these places.

                I personally think you will be happy to eat at either of these places and seafood is what they are mainly about.

                Actually, the Reef Grill is Captian Charilie's Reef Grill if you are mapping it. They do not have a website.

          2. Calipoutine - Jupiter is not that far from WPB, maybe 15 minutes. I recommend you check out the Reef Grill in Jupiter. This place looks like a regular restaurant in a tiny strip mall but it is fabulous. The food there is very imaginative, tasty, and affordable. Best thing to do is to sit at the bar and watch the food be prepared. I recommend the blueberry peppercorn seared tuna amongst many other items.

            Reef Grill Jupiter
            251 South US Highway 1
            Jupiter, FL 33477