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Oyster Shucking Equipment - Where to get?

Hi all - I'm planning on shucking a few dozen oysters for a party soon, and need to get my hands on a proper Oyster knife, lead and glove.

Has anyone seen these items for sale locally? Would prefer to not have to ship an oyster lead - gotta cost a fortune.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Any restaurant supply or decent kitchen store will have the knife and glove. Where are you located?

    You might be out of luck on the lead anvil, though. I've never seen that in use outside of New Orleans. Honestly, you don't need it. Just have lots of towels around to rest your oyster on.

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      amen: a kitchen towel and an oyster knife is all you need. in desperate straits, i've even used a short flat-blade screwdriver.

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        An old fashioned bottle/ can opener (the pointy triangle end of kind that you use to puncture the top of juice can) also works in a pinch.

    2. I would try Surfa's in the Culver City area.


      Sur La Table would have the oyster knife.


      1. Try a fishing tackle store you can find the glove their and maybe the knife

        1. surfas in culver city has both.

          1. We got our oyster knife at Whole Foods

            1. A thrust or two with a butter knife and they give up nicely.
              A glove?

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                A glove is a necessity on the really hard-to-pry oysters, as it protects the palm of your hand in case the added exertion causes a slip.

                I prefer the "chain-mail" glove as opposed to the large rubber mitt.

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                  Just remembering the guys at ACME oysters who shuck thousands a day and laugh at the idea of a glove.

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                    not that there's anything wrong with safety, but the main problem with the glove is that because it protects your hand so well, it allows you to try to force the blade into the hinge. It's really more a matter of finesse ... when y ou find the right point on the hinge, it doesn't take a lot of exertion at all. the main thing force leads to is shell chips.

                2. "fish king" market in glendale sells oyster shucking knives. i've been shucking for over 30 years and have never used a lead.

                  1. I don't know about there but up here, you can buy an oyster knife just about anywhere you can buy fresh oysters.
                    I use a kitchen towel and knife only. I don't really think you need the other stuff. If it makes you feel better then by all means but don't skip the oysters because you can't find a glove.