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Jun 2, 2008 10:34 AM

Cornish Pasty Co. [Mesa]

Not sure if it's already been posted but my gf and I were heading to Tutti Santi on Guadalupe and noticed Cornish will be opening their second location on Guadalupe and Dobson. We've been wanting to try the original location but everytime i've been there it's been busy with a wait. Looking forward to trying my first Patsy. As for Tutti S we were a bit underwhelmed with our dinner. Still prefer the Tutti on 16th street much better.

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  1. FYI, the Mesa location is still not open. The original has such a good vibe I don't know if I'll like the shiny new digs.

    The best things about winter in AZ are 1.)being able to burn calories outside 2.)replenishing them without guilt at CP. Or maybe in the opposite order.

    Can you tell I'm craving a Shephard's Pie Pasty, or maybe a Lamb Vindaloo, or maybe Carne Adovada... is it 5 yet???

    1. Ugh....yea they put the sign up back in like April 08 and it's been mocking me ever since! (I live way too close to the new location for my own good)

      I understand that the location had nothing in the way of plumbing or anything. They had to go in and pretty much set the place up from scratch. There are some pics of the build in progress at their Myspace page....kind of interesting.

      1. I noticed that the CPCo. website is claiming a Friday Jan 16th opening day for the new location.

        == Fingers Crossed==

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        1. re: randogu

          I like the chicke tikka masal pasty mmmmmmm.

          1. re: randogu

            quick check of the websites reads "Opening January 17th" , this Saturday. Hurray!!!!

            1. re: charlieboy

              I hope so! This is about a mile from my house. We always order pasties for take out when I don't feel like cooking. So good!

          2. We swung by here yesterday and picked up Pasties for our family Super Bowl Party. The new space is very nice! Has a similar feel to the Tempe location but is larger and a bit airier. Several large tables along with a longer bar. Jukebox(Free!) in the back along with a dart board. And a nice large patio to sit and enjoy.

            As for the pasties...tasty as always. We picked up 8 for dinner last night and everyone enjoyed them. I had the vegetarian greek - chock full of feta, artichokes, tomatoes, kalamata olives. Delicious!

            Glad to have the new location up the road from us and wish them well in the new space!

            1. After being to both locations, I'd say the orginal location in tempe is much better than the one in mesa.

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              1. re: Sourcetags8codes

                why? We took out but the food was the same delicious chow as served in Tempe and the space seemed welcoming at the new location. Care to elaborate on your statement?

                1. re: ziggylu

                  The food is the same but I like the atmosphere a lot more. Small restaurant, loud music, mostly counter seating.

                2. re: Sourcetags8codes

                  We tried the new location, too. Seemed the same to me except for the rise in prices. Food was just as good as always without the hassle of having to drive up through Tempe to get it.

                  1. re: Sourcetags8codes

                    The Tempe location is more authentic and a lot friendlier.

                    1. re: GreekFoodie

                      More authentic? How so? I had perfectly friendly service at the new location. It's the same owners after all.

                      1. re: Jen76

                        I think by more authentic GF means more tattoos and accents, and by friendlier, more comped guiness. Thats why I agree, at least.