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Jun 2, 2008 10:21 AM

Restaurants willing to modify for special diets?


I have a good friend coming to town who has MS and I'm trying to find good restaurants in Austin that are willing to modify for special needs diets. In CA there seems to be no issues with this but I wonder if Austin places would be willing or have the ability to do this.

Anyone out there with MS or that might have feedback?

Thanks again folks!


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  1. Now, I haven't been in years since they lost their head chef and the flavors changed drastically. However, Castle Hill used to be VERY accommodating. I had a co-worker that was embarrassing to take out to eat, she had so many weird demands, but they didn't even blink when I wanted to crawl under the table.

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    1. re: amysuehere

      LOL..thanks Amy. :)

      I wonder is Mirabelle would be accommodating too since they are both owned by the same people. I'll call and ask...



      1. re: Trojanbabe

        A few months ago we went to Mirabelle and they were very, very accomodating of my friend's dietary restrictions. We called and asked in advance if they had any menu items for a vegan who doesn't eat wheat or corn, and they actually purchased rice noodles just for her and rocked out a dish that she loved. And she is a very particular eater.

        1. re: Ashforth

          Mirabelle was extremely accommodating when I was there and had special dining restrictions. I don't want to discuss my food issues with my dining companions - and Mirabelle handled it with class.

          Best of all, they didn't make a big fuss about it. My plates arrived with everyone else’s - which was a huge relief.

          I did call ahead during a slow time - and the person on the phone was able to recommend items that could be easily adapted.

          I cringe when the wait staff "announces' a special meal to the table, and gives a play by play of what is on there, or delivers it separately.

    2. There's an interesting article on this elsewhere on Chowhound:

      No specific experience with such menus here, but I'll bet that as long as you provide sufficient notice, are polite and clear, and indicate that this is a medical issue, you'll have luck finding several good meals in Austin.

      1. Restaurant Jezebel does special requests. They have a blurb abot it on their website

        Restaurant Jezebel
        914 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701

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          FYI, we just called Jezebel to make a reservation and were told they'd be closed 6/6-6/12. Seemed odd...

          1. re: smilezok

            So that means the chef is on vacation. He is the only one that cooks there, so if he's not there they close. Sorry about the timing

            1. re: amykragan

              Thanks Everyone...

              She won't be here til Oct so this is plenty of time to scout around and find some good options. You can't have Sat fat with an MS diet so it can be challenging but Austin is pretty healthy(Thankfully):)