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Jun 2, 2008 10:16 AM

Anyone have a recipe for Chicken Pa Nang?

I need a good recipe for chicken pa nang, including which curry paste to use. In a prior post, someone recommended red curry paste, and another person recommended a paste that said "pa nang" on the label. does anyone have a recipe with a specific brand? I am compelled to order this dish every time I eat at a thai restaurant and I really need to expand my horizons, making it at home will allow me to try some new things!

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  1. I really like Mae Ploy curry pastes, which I find in Asian supermarkets here in London. They definitely do a Panang one.

    1. My dad's really versed in this stuff, so I've seen a bit of how he operates. Like the other person said, Panang is a specifc curry (like red, green or massman), so you will certainly want the lable to say that. The brand I see around & see used most often is 'MAESRI'. The curry pastes are in little tins (smaller than say, a can of tuna) and are intended to be mixed with a bit of coconut milk... I don't know the ratio... I'd suspect it's something like 50/50, but maybe you should start w/ 2 parts to 1 and work your way up tasting as you go along. Don't forget to shake up the coconut milk!