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Jun 2, 2008 10:15 AM

Recs for breakfast in Cambridge..

Hi...I will be staying at Le Meridien on Sidney Street Thursday night and would like a good spot to go for breakfast on Friday. Walking distance would be great but not required. We like small, locally owned typed places. Outdoor seating would be a huge plus. Just looking for a great breakfast in the area....not the fanciest! Thank you!

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  1. Although I've only been for dinner and drinks, Miracle of Science, just up the street from your hotel, is purported to serve a solidly tasty breakfast.

    A little further away, but still potentially walkable depending on your personal tolerances, Petsi Pies (the branch on Putnam) is a fun bakery serving reliably good, homey pastries and pretty decent coffee.

    1. Brookline Lunch! Delicious food, lots of homemade touches, inexpensive, family run, a few minutes walk from your hotel. No outside seating though.

      You could head up to Union Square (you said you'd have a car?), which is not far. The Neighborhood Restaurant is a family run place that serves a big Portuguese breakfast under a grape arbor.

      If they haven't set up for Friday outside (I've only been outside on weekend mornings), you would still have an option-- eating from a more limited menu from Bloc 11, a cafe next door in a renovated bank. (Easily one of the coolest cafe buildings in town.) They don't have the patio set up yet, but the front is open air.