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Jun 2, 2008 09:50 AM

Korean in Seattle

I know that the North Seattle area is loaded with Korean restaurants. I just need some help in knowing which ones are good. A good friend of mine who was living in Korea for a year is now home and hungry for foods he had in his travels. What places here can I take him to that will make him happy?

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  1. My northern seattle Korean favorites are Sorabol, Ka Won, Hae-Nam Kalbi & Kalamarie, and BCD Tofu (tofu specialist, also serving K. fried chicken). I didn't like Old Village when I tried it about one year ago, but I have heard they may have changed chefs since.

    More recently, I am interested to try some newer places in Federal Way and Lakewood.

    As you might have seen, I staunchly believe that for Korean BBQ gas grills cannot compare with wood/charcoal, so no area restaurant really delivers the goods on that count.

    1. Ho Soon Yi is the best soon-dubu in the area IMO. Also very good haemul pajeon (seafood pancake).

      1. I haven't been in over a year, but the Four Seasons in Shoreline just up the street from Old Village has an extensive menu. Their banchan is always very good, and you get a lot of different kinds.

        1. I second the vote for Ho Soon Yi, and also recommend Sam Oh Joung on HWY 99 in Lynnwood. I really liked their soon-tofu with fish roe. Lotsa cholesterol, but when it tastes that great, who cares?