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Jun 2, 2008 09:39 AM

Chinese in south London

Can anyone recommend a Chinese restaurant within easy reach of Battersea? eg in Victoria, Chelsea, Clapham, Vauxhall, Tooting? Preferably with some atmosphere, as it's for an evening out. But the food is the main thing.

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  1. dragon castle in elephant and castle.

    you might enjoy hunan in pimlico - can sometimes be excellent.

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    1. re: howler

      Chef Felix Yu left Dragon Castle last week so don't be surprised if something changes there... Agree on Hunan, but some could claim I'm biased as I built a small website for them. Unfortunately I can't think of another option in South London though, I'm afraid.

      1. re: Ian

        That's such a shame.... I haven't had the chance to try Dragon Castle yet! Do you know where he's heading?

        1. re: Ian

          That's a shame about Dragon Castle. I didn't like the pushy, over-intimate service at Hunan, and the food was too spicy for my partner. So I guess not Sichuan food. Any other suggestions?

          1. re: Ian

            Darn, I just moved into the hood and was loving the fact this was my local dim sum place.


            1. re: CTownFeedR

              Felix is opening his own place in Northampton. He did try to find a new home in London but in the end, Northampton seemed to be a better option. A real shame for Londoners, particularly those in the South.