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Jun 2, 2008 09:06 AM

Buenos Aires Cafe -- Palermo

My friend and I arrive in BA very early Friday morning. Since we cannot check in to our rental apt until 11am we need a place to hang out until then. A cafe with yummy breakfast would be perfect. But it has to be somewhere that doesn't mind us hanging out for 2 or 3 hours. Our apt is in Palermo at Gurrachaga y Charcas. So please recommend places nearby. Thanks.

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  1. Couple of good Palermo options spring to mind:

    * Mark's Deli and Coffee Bar, El Salvador 4701 (corner of Armenia)
    * Malas Artes, Honduras 4999 (right on Plaza Serrano)
    * La Boutique del Libro , Thames 1762

    This last one is a fantastic bookshop with a cafe out the back where you can sit all day and read if you wish to. All of those are within easy walking distance of where you're staying, and should be open in the morning.

    1. You can hang out in cafes here as long as you want - no one asks you to leave, rarely do they even ask you to order something more than your first order. Some people order a coffee and spend half the day online on their laptops or reading a book...