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Jun 2, 2008 08:40 AM

8 worst convenience foods....

thought you might find some of these "convenience foods" interesting additions to your "must try" lists!


i look forward to musk flavor life savers.

edit: doing more research, i found that this "list" in ifood.tv was mostly taken from paul lukas' book "inconspicuous consumption." http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISB...

an excerpt from a review by jenny boe:

"One of my favorite chapters [in Lukas' book] is "Foodstuffs," which recalls encounters with various odd food items, many of which I can't believe Lukas actually dared to ingest. He describes weird Australian flavors of Life Savors, like Musk ("The initial sensation is extremely sweet, but this soon gives way to something much harder to describe, something sort of like raw meat") and Thirst ("powdered Gatorade mixed with a raw-egg coagulant"). Yuck! And then there's kraut juice, which gets an extremely thorough examination; when Lukas contacted some of the producers of this "cloudy, vaguely brownish-green liquid," they freely admitted that it tastes pretty gross. One employee even admitted he'd never had the guts to taste it. (Lukas himself didn't manage to get it down either, revealing that "one quick whiff was enough to kick my gag reflex into overdrive.") Other items whose questionable edibility Lukas questioned include Guycan Corned Mutton, Blind Robins Smoked Ocean Herring, Pocari Sweat Refreshment Water (from Japan), and the ever-phallic Squeeze Cone Candy." http://www.blemby.com/jennyboe/tripod...

to redeem the time i spent on this absurdity, what's the most horrible "convenience" or "prepared food" you ever tasted or saw on the shelf, but was afraid to try?

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  1. The sell a canned soda in Japan called "Pocari Sweat". I had to buy one to bring home. I'm assuming it's just a funny translation, but it gets a lot of laughs in my kitchen.

    1. In Scotland, a few years back, I picked up some tinned Haggiss. Never had the balls to open it, but kept passing it back and forth among friends as a "gag" gift. (Pun intended.) The thought of a fresh haggiss is vomitizing enough; can't imagine how a canned one would taste....yecchh!!!

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      1. re: adamshoe

        Haggis is great! Why do you think of it as "yecchh!!!"? Have you tried it?

        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          Here's to Haggis! (and tripe in virtually any form) For foul-tasting "convenience food" how about TV dinners.. especially Salsbury Steak..with gluey potatoes, gray dead peas, and that nasty nasty "gravy". GAG!

          1. re: fromagina

            I also love haggis, not sure about it in a tin.

        2. re: adamshoe

          Ach laddy! You may eat your other Scottish foods like McDonald's, but there is nothing like real haggis! Stick to Pop Tarts, you are not adult enough for haggis, even canned is better than a Big Mac!

          1. re: adamshoe

            My Scottish husband bought some Haggis in a can and made me eat it. (Since he's the finicky one in the family, and I've been nagging him about it, I truly didn't have a leg to stand on). It was not nearly as nice as the real, freshly killed variety. Even he was moved to admit that.

            Happily our dog, Haggis, truly enjoyed both the tinned and fresh versions of his namesake...

          2. i would really love to see a picture of that chicken in a can.

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            1. re: beelzebozo

              Does the label shows a poultry contortionist in tights and spangles? Gee.. I'm beginning to think I've landed on the planet Squeemie where food I love is gag food. I've stuffed many a slightly tough chicken (generally young roosters.. dressed and plucked.. or should I say dressed and undressed? hmm) into a 1/2 gallon canning jar, added seasonings and water, and sealed then pressure cooked for about 40 minutes. That gelatin is heavenly and the fall-off-the-bone meat is great for salads, sandwiches, and added to soups. Where can I find that canned chicken?

              1. re: fromagina

                froma--that sounds wonderfull!! Where do I get (in Colombia) a 1/2 gallon canning jar (and a pressure cooker that big)? Assume you boil all in a large pot?

                1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                  I can barely find 1/2 gallon Mason jars stateside any more! I found my last 6 at a thrift store. My ancient Presto canner can hold 4 - 1/2 gallon jars. Now my problem is that I need a new gasket for my antique (but still usable) canner and I can't locate one.

                  When a young rooster managed to escape my sight until he could crow, and thus be a tough little bugger, I would dispatch his cocky self and cut him into pieces and stuff those pieces of RAW meat into the more conventional quart jars.. even pints. Once again, water, salt, seasoning (maybe a bundle of a bay leaf, a sage leaf, some celery leaves, a few cloves of garlic.. black pepper.. depending on mood and season) and 45-60 minutes pressure.. don't start counting the minutes until full pressure is reached. The smaller jars would be like cans of tuna to me.. for sandwich spread or salad or? Second-molt hens were fine as roasters, but a really old hen canned up quite nicely. Now I've retired from larger-scale home food production (and my little black market meat, cheese, and egg business) and my hens are more likely to die of old age and be buried with a few loving words.

                2. re: fromagina

                  you're dancing around the issue! i want pictures. it may be heaven in a can, but i have to see its pretty little face.

              2. i love pocari sweat...i never thought the name was weird...until other people reminded me of the weird name. I think it tastes kinda like gatorade, just slightly salty juice.

                1. I dunno, except, for the Musk Lifesavers, the list doesn't look bad to me. I've had canned chicken and as From Lady said, good for salads. The list did miss, however, canned Norwegian fish balls. (Never knew they had any?)

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                    I was being uncharacteristically discreet by not mentioning the fish balls. My Norwegian step-pop got a lot of teasing around those delicacies, which he would have shipped to him by the case. My mother once made a fish-shaped tomato aspic with two of those artfully placed near the lower rear region of the molded fish.. a major giggle generator...