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Jun 2, 2008 08:40 AM

Sending you to a Toys-R-Us Parking Lot - CV

...for a fish taco you can finally be proud of here in San Diego.

I swear, Masa assassin is able to lick his index finger and point it up into the wind and discover some of the most promising Mexican street foods here in San Diego.

His latest chance discovery is El Pescador Lonchera [truck] in a -no joke- toysrus parking lot just off the L St. Exit of the 5 in Chula.

Fish Tacos run only 1.25 a pop and they are the best of the several post-Godoy "dessert" tacos we had yesterday leaning next to the truck.

Finally, we experienced a crisp golden beer battered taco that starts to whisper of Ensenada with its haunting Mexican oregano flavor. This is the first memorable fish taco I have had in a long time in SD.

We also tried the Chamoro con pulpo - something we haven't seen offered elsewhere on SD Marisco dive menus. It is a chopped up griddled mussel and octupus taco with veg. It was pretty tasty though I am not likely to order it again. It possessed a nice mineraly mussel quality though it was quite salty.

The marlin taco was much more shredded and in pieces with veg than what you normally get at German. It was better than the last [disappointing] Marlin taco I had at the Barrio restaurant but not as good as the carnitas nuggets you get at the University Lonchera.

I had to say Adios to my friend a little early to leave for work while the instoppable Masa assassin waited for a Taco Gob.

The squirt bottle of a orange habanero salsa is good - citrusy and not very hot.

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  1. Good Grief, kr

    You are a man (I presume) on a mission.

    I really appreciate your culinary expeditions into the deepest dard wilds of the neighborhoods of SD/NC/CV.

    1. Yeah odd place for a Lonchera. I mean were else can you get a GI Joe and a Fish Taco. The truck is here daily from 9-5. Both times I've been here they have been very busy.

      Cash Only
      Here is the Menu

      Choro con Pulpo.



      All tacos had very generous portions. As you can see in the pics they all had way to much pepper. The Gob had more celery and green peppers than shrimp.

      Although overall they were pretty good, I still prefer Mariscos German Lonchero versions of Marlyn and Gob. I have to agree with KR on the fish taco, very tasty. I need to go back soon and check the consistency.

      My two recommendations for this truck

      Fish taco

      Another thing I enjoyed was the zesty consommé

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      1. re: Masa Assassin

        Thanks for the info on this place. I finally got to satisfy my fish taco cravings here. I tried the fish and the shrimp and enjoyed them both. Everything I saw ordered from the truck looked good, the ceviche and all. Too bad you guys gave the gob taco somewhat of a thumbs down. A family next to me ordered four. I have to go back and try them! The soup was really good. It's very similar to what you get at Conching's and other filipino joints.

        Thanks again!