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Jun 2, 2008 08:35 AM

Standard Tap and Where Else for Northern Liberties Old City Pubs

2 buddies and I are going to Phillies game on Thursday afternoon and we are then planning to do a little pub crawling after the game. I know Center City pretty well but I was hoping to venture out into Northern Liberties and maybe some of Old City. I have always wanted to go to the Standard Tap but I was wondering what other bars that can be accessed by foot or Septa from Standard Tap would be recommended. Not looking for any clubs, mostly just great beers and good food. Thanks for the help.

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    1. re: saturninus

      definitely agree with these two if you're definitely going to standard tap. are you taking SEPTA? if so, you can easily jump on the broad street line at pattison and transfer at city hall to the eastbound market-frankford line, then get off at spring garden. from there, here's where i'd go:
      standard tap for light appetizers/salads & local beers
      north third for dinner, usually i do brunch here so i'm not familiar with what's on tap
      abbaye to finish you off - some great, strong beers here!

      for starting your crawl as late as you are, while i love eulogy it might not be practical for this particular crawl. that is, unless you get off the el at 2nd street, start off at eulogy, and then cab up to nolibs afterwards.

      the best thing about this neighborhood is, if you end up sticking around so late that night turns into morning, you could do an equally successful and busy coffee bar crawl!!! you cannot walk a block without kicking a coffee shop in northern liberties.

    2. Ok, so I still haven't gone, but Eulogy is a little less than a mile away at 136 Chestnut in Old City

      1. So, Standard Tap is at 2nd and Poplar
        N. 3rd is on 3rd and Brown (1 block south and one block west)
        Abbaye - 3rd b/w Fairmount and Green St (N. 600 Block on 3rd Street)-2 blocks south of S.T. and one block west.
        Silk City-on Spring Garden and 5th Street (3 blocks south and 3 blocks west)

        Walkable but ~10minute walk from Standard Tap
        Johnny Brenda's (Girard Ave and Frankford Ave) -Same owners as Standard Tap
        ~3-4 blocks north on 2nd Street, to Girard ave take a right ~ 6blocks east on Girard (just a block east, past the Girard Station- SEPTA).

        Old City:
        Eulogy- Belgian on Chestnut Str b/w front and Second Street

        1. If you're going to Eulogy, I highly recommend hitting Triumph Brewing. its right across the street, nice without being too fancy and damn good (both food and beer).