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Jun 2, 2008 08:06 AM

Ultimate Take-Out Meal HELP

Save me. I have convinced my brother-in-law to stay home with 5 children while our wives go to "sex in the city". I told him that we will get take-out and have a feast. We will be at 86th and Broadway. Can you help me plan the meal for us - from the local vicinity - not traversing all of manhattan..and this food will not be for the kids - they can have mac and cheese. thanks.

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  1. I love take out from Celeste (84th and Amsterdam). The food isn't as great as it is when you eat at the restaurant, but I think it holds up well. You could get a couple of pizzas, pastas and the chicken cutlet and it would definitely be a feast.

    1. Jackson Hole- Burgers, etc
      Brother Jimmy's BBQ

      Neither amazing but make for good indulging