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Jun 2, 2008 08:02 AM

Visiting Vancouver

I will be visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Vancouver and need some suggestions. I am taking her for lunch and she works near Gastown, so I need a place for there. I would also like to take them somewhere special for dinner. A couple of years ago we went to a place in Yaletown. I can't remember, I think it started with M (Marina?) and there was another one in Vancouver. Anyhow, it was quite lovely.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Gastown Lunch:

      If you like to just kinda pick at stuff, I love Salt, charcuterie place with great cheese and at lunch (if I'm not mistaken) they do grilled cheese - your pick of any of the cheeses they have that day, and they have soups at lunch too.. I'm not sure how 'Houndish it is but I have always liked Water St Cafe for lunch. Me and a gf go and just share a couple things. Boneta is now open for lunch, haven't tried them at this time (lunch) yet but I love the food for dinner so I can't see it being bad! If it's a nice day and you want a patio Chill WInston!!! I have never complained about the food, so while not blow me away it's perfectly acceptable and fresh. Order a Sungod and relax! (Sungod is a local craft brew from R&B brewing, it's a very refreshing Wheat Ale)

      Yaletown M - the only thing I can think of that fits is Provence Marina-side, and there is the original Provence nearer to UBC. Is that it?

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        Thanks, Starlady, for the suggestions, and I think you are right about Provence.

      2. If you have a time limit for lunch and don't mind a more casual place Finch's Tea and Coffee is a good option, close to the Gastown area (on W.Pender) its super cute inside and they do fresh baguette sandwiches with fillings such as blue brie, pear, prosciutto and toasted walnuts as well as fresh baked cookies and a housemade soup of the day. Lineups can get long during the lunch hour though! Or there is always So.cial Butcher shop in Gastown, its mostly a grab and go place and while I don't think its the best sandwich out there, they do use fresh focaccia and quality meats and the free bag of housemade potato chips are a bonus too! Both wrap their sandwiches in parchment so if its a nice day you can always take your lunch and eat outside.

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          Though I've heard So.cial has some of the best sandwiches in Vancouver, I've yet to go. I did however make it to the Greedy Pig which is right on Cordova in Gastown. The duck confit sour cherry sandwich I had there was great as was the ginger beer/blackberry reduction rye cocktail (the Roughrider). Atmosphere was great... busy place.