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Jun 2, 2008 07:52 AM

NY CHer looking for Health food restaurant in Los Angeles

I live in Manhattan and eat frequenly at The Pump restaurants and am looking for similiar restaurants in Los Angeles. Simple, really healthy food that doesn't add butter, oil, etc and serves only healthy food. I would prefer suggestions in the West LA/ Beverly Hills area and Studio City is okay as well.


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  1. I don't know what The Pump is.

    But I know in Studio City you can go to Hugo's on Riverside for some very good healthy eating, breaksfast through lunch. There is also one in West Hollywood. Very good food!

    Pradeeps, in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica is an indian palce that uses olive oil and cooks for healthy types.

    Similar is Rahel Veggie Ethiopian in Little Ethiopia on Faifax, a few blocks south of Wilshire. Olive oil instead of the butter that other places use, healthy invigorating food cooked with love.

    SOme people like Real Food Daily, but I am not a fan.

    Mani's bakery on Fairfax offers healthier baked goods without added fats or sugars. Many vegan.

    Sherman Oaks is close to Studio City and has a few options, like LEaf Veggie Cuisine (sort of fast foodie, but all raw veggie food) and The Dressing room (think Subway, but with salads-they build it to your specifications)

    Madeline Bistro in Encino or Tarzana is vegetarain, and if you request they not add oil, they will probably grant it.

    Juliano's Raw is supposed to be healthy, but has attitude up the wazoo.

    I hear Jack Sprat's on Pico is really good.

    M Cafe De Chaya offers healthy macrobiotic foods (no Chaya in venice, but M Cafe De Chaya)

    If you can handle going to Canoga Park, Follow Your Heart Market has a wonderful health food/veggie cafe. A real 70's kinda joint-with excellent food!

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      Thanks. I will check those places out.

    2. I like Cafe M de Chaya and Real Food Daily. Also Leaf Cuisine that features only raw but tasty vegan fare is good too, but it features counter service rather table service.

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