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Jun 2, 2008 07:21 AM

A Week in Myrtle Beach


I have been scouring the board for good Myrtle Beach suggestions, thought I would put it out there one more time.

We arrive on Friday the 6th and plan on eating out most nights.

We do not like chains but prefer to eat local food when we travel.

We like good food, good atmosphere and cold beer.

Any suggestions.

Also, we want to take a drive into NC for some BBQ....any suggestions there?

thanks to all

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  1. Hi there,
    I live in North Myrtle, so here are my suggestions...

    To start with, the best food is not going to be found in places that serve beer at least half the time. All I can do is tell you the best food. The five star restaurants will have wine and alcohol, but most of the really good small and local places will not. Also, there are lots of good places that have both in Murrells Inlet, which is about 40 miles or more south.
    Depends on whether you are staying in Myrtle or North Myrtle Beach as to whether it's worth driving all the way to there and Pawley's Island. But all of the "Divine" restaurants down that way are really good and have alcohol. Wahoos, Divine Steakhouse and others come to mind. Google Divine restaurants Myrtle Beach for more info.

    5 Star-Steaks and some seafood- Flamingos Grill in Myrtle Beach (north end about 71st Ave N), Cagney's Old Place at restaurant row, and Joe's Bar and Grill across from Barefoot Landing.

    Seafood, hands down the best deal and excellent seafood is a tiny little restaurant on Main Street Ocean Drive in North Myrtle called Hoskins. Excellent, excellent seafood, low price, and a long line if you go right at dinner...but well worth it. I don't think they have beer or wine.

    Other than that for seafood, the Crab House in Barefoot Landing and also at Broadway at the Beach. (might be a chain...not sure, but it's excellent) Phillips Crab & Seafood across from Broadway is excellent. Chesapeake House and Chestnut Hill (side by side on restaurant row) are my next choices.

    For cheap and excellent fried Calabash style seafood, drive to Calabash, NC and find the Seafood Hut on the left going towards the water. It's way better than all the rest, and you can eat for $10 or under. It's all fried and just seafood, basically.

    I am originally from High Point, NC (close to Lexington) and I can tell you that there is NO really good barbeque to be had in the Grand least not compared to upstate NC. The closest thing would be Jeromes in Shallotte, NC. Go up 17 to Shallotte and turn at the stoplight to Shallotte. About 5 miles into it on the right you'll find Jeromes.
    It's about a 40 mile drive from NMB.

    Other than that, the barbeque at Sticky Fingers (chain) is the best, along with The House of Blues restaurant in Barefoot Landing. Neither are like NC barbeque, but they're the best of the SC variety. I'm totally spoiled to Lexington BBQ, so that's a hard one to advise on.

    Special mentions...5 and a half star restaurants with unusual and different stuff would be Greg Normans at Barefoot Landing, The Aspen Grill on the north end of Myrtle, about at 50th Ave, Collector's Cafe in Myrtle, close to the hospital, and Sea Blue tapas restaurant in North Myrtle across from the Ocean Drive Walmart. These 3 are some of the finest dining to be had.

    There are so many good places to eat here nobody could list them all. There's a new Mongolian grill type place called RIOZ out close to Broadway that is also wonderful, but it's a flat $35.95 per person. I'm not sure it's good enough to warrant that price, but it's sure good.

    Little River, SC

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    1. re: luvdavy

      I have been dining in MB for 35 years and the best is in Murrells Inlet. You can not go wrong with Lee's iNLET kITCHEN of Capt Daves Dockside. Louis in Pawleys is yummy too. Check out for the best MB info

      1. re: LaLa

        I've heard Lee's is really good, too, but I've never been there.
        It all depends on where they are staying. If they're in North Myrtle, it's not worth driving 50 miles to Murrells Inlet for seafood when they can go to Hoskins. But if they're on the south end of Myrtle, that's exactly where I'd tell them to go.


        1. re: luvdavy

          I respectfully disagree I think the drive to Murrell's Inlet is worth it. We have been staying at Island Vista ( the North Part of regular Myrtle Beach not North Myrtle Beach) and we go down almost every night of each of our visits. I think Hoskins is good if you are up in that area but it is not my favorite...I am not a fan of the way they fry their seafood.
          I do like the Crab House but only the BATB one.I always have lousy service and only ok food at the Barefoot one. I always enjoy the raw bar...and killer Bloody Marys at BATB.

          1. re: LaLa

            It's not nearly as far to Murrells Inlet if you are in Myrtle, even on the north end. If they happen to be staying in Cherry Grove or even Ocean Drive, the traffic snarls at Barefoot, restaurant row, Broadway, and even Coastal Mall would be utterly horrendous. It would be 50-60 miles and probably take them more than an hour to get to Murrells Inlet during the dinner hours in the summertime. So I can't say that I would recommend it. I live in Little River, and probably go to Murrells Inlet once or twice a year, only in the off season. It's just a nightmare to try and drive there during the summer.

            I haven't had any problems with service that I can remember at Crab House, but in the summer, Barefoot Landing is always problematic.

            I like my seafood fried, and I like large shrimp instead of popcorn...and very light breading. Hoskins has always been the best around for that (to me) although their oysters are not my favorite. They also have huge scallops which I love. I guess the main reason I would recommend them is that they are so close to something like the Crabhouse, which ends up costing you about $25, and the small seafood platter at Hoskins is $14. I don't mind paying top dollar for good food, but it's always nice to find a bargain, too.

            Guess since I've always lived in NMB, I'm just not familiar enough with the far south end to go through the trouble of that awful drive.

            But everyone has their own opinions! Good thing, too, or we'd all be in line at the same restaurant! :-)


              1. re: luvdavy

                I live in Garden City Beach and worked at Barefoot Golf in North Myrtle Beach for four years.

                The drive is 22 miles by Business 17, 25 miles by Bypass 17 and 32 miles by Highway 31.

                The most it ever took me was 40 minutes (with the exception of Bike Week) and I usually averaged about 30 minutes.

                Not a bad drive at all and I made it daily.

                1. re: BlueHerons

                  Hmmm...I don't see how it could be. I used to live on 37th Ave in Windy Hill and work at a hotel on 31st Ave NORTH in Myrtle Beach, and that was 20 miles straight down 17. It does go faster if you go down 31 and all the local backroads, but I don't know that I would recommend that to a vacationer.

                  Again, we don't know where they are staying, so can't be too specific about mileage. But if they are going to eat at dinnertime, the traffic will be really backed up and make the drive seem to be forever.

                  Hopefully they are in downtown Myrtle and can go in either direction with ease.


                  1. re: luvdavy

                    Because Grissom and 31 took the extra traffic off 17 Bypass and opened it up and all three are faster.

                    I've lived in Garden City Beach for 12 years (I'm a native of Myrtle Beach) and have always worked in that area at either Ocean Creek, Sea Watch or Barefoot.

          1. re: nikrals

            You are very welcome. I hope you have a great vacation. You've got a HOT one, for sure...:-)

        2. Pawleys Island:
          Franks Outback
          Louis' Fish Camp
          Pasteria 911

          Murrells Inlet
          Prossers (best BBQ in town)
          Divine Fish House
          Creek Ratz

          1. Just off of Lake Arrowhead Rd is a small strip center on your left. Bimminnie's is the best place for great seafood and a cold beer. Nothing special, and NOT 4 or 5 star, but great food and fun!


            1. Heres a link to another set of recent posts on Myrtle BEach
              Enjoy !


              1. Well, it may sound touronic, but we go to NMB several times each year, and--if you want all you can eat crab legs-- the best I've found to date is Preston's in NMB. It's a buffet style AYCE, but if it's snow crab legs you're looking for, they have the best I've had there, bar none. They bring them to you just as you need them, not stacked out under warmers, and they are HOT from the pot, no doubt!

                Service is pretty good, but the legs are worth it. It's usually not TOO crowded, if you go at anytime other than 6-7 o'clock.

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                1. re: PhatDaddy

                  Benny Rappa's Italian Tratorria in NMB is great - daily specials every night.

                  1. re: PhatDaddy

                    I will agree with this one. Prestons is the best for AYCE crablegs and country buffet. If you don't want but a few crablegs, I'd hit Red Lobster...:-)
                    Prestons has gotten pretty expensive, though...about $30 a plate, isn't it?